Married couples need to have some fun together! And one of the best ways to do that is to find hobbies to do as a couple.

We’ve had some heavy weeks at To Love, Honor and Vacuum lately, and so I thought it was time to revisit one of my favourite posts ever and run it again, with some fun changes, so it could be higher up in the queue!

Let’s emotionally connect and have fun together again! No matter where you are in your marriage, you need some hobbies! A hobby is simply an activity or pursuit that you do together. And during COVID, we all could use some new ideas, too.

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And hobbies can bring couples close because of two communication principles:

  • It is often easier to communicate side by side, when you’re doing something, than it is to try to communicate face to face.
  • When we spend more time together with shared activities (like hobbies!), then we build up goodwill, which makes it easier to tackle some of the bigger problems in marriage.

We all need shared activities, because that builds shared memories. You feel more like a team. You start chatting again (and the more you talk about little things, the easier it is to talk about big things!). And you laugh. Whenever you laugh together, walls come down. Tension dissipates. And you feel close. Often those petty things that bug you about each other seem to disappear!

Besides, it’s just plain fun to share hobbies as couples.

It’s fun to spend time away from a screen. It’s fun to build a memory or be productive or experience something new. And it’s fun to learn together! Here’s the neat thing about pursuing hobbies as a married couple, too: you don’t each have to love it to the same extent. The goal is not the hobby itself. The goal is spending time together and having those opportunities to laugh and chat. My husband and I go birdwatching. I enjoy it. It gets me outdoors; we get some exercise hiking; I learn more about photography.

Hobbies to do as a couple: A complete list to boost your marriage!

But Keith will trek 2 miles through brush to sit still at dawn in the hopes that it might be a king rail. He will stand still at the base of a tree for 10 minutes to verify whether that was a white throated sparrow or a white crowned sparrow. He is WAY more into it than I am. But we still go birdwatching together, because I’m in it for the memories, not just for the birds. And when he wants to do something intense with counting birds, he goes without me.

Birdwatching: A great hobby to start as a couple--with a list of dozens more.

I’m going to share a whole bunch of ideas for hobbies you can pursue together. Take this post as more of a brainstorming session. Maybe something I’ll mention will twig something in your brain and you’ll find an entirely different hobby to share with your husband! But what I’d recommend is this:

Finding a Hobby to Do as a Couple

  1. Look through this list and identify 3 hobbies you’d like to start with your husband.
  2. Have your husband look through the list and identify 3 hobbies he’d like to start.
  3. Exchange lists and choose one on the other person’s list that you’d enjoy, too.
  4. Choose one to start first!

A Comprehensive List of Hobbies for Couples

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Outdoorsy Hobbies for Couples

  • Hiking
  • Birdwatching
  • Fishing
  • Hunting
  • Snowmobiling
  • Kayaking
  • Canoeing
  • Sailing
  • Windsurfing
  • Golfing

  • Tennis
  • Biking
  • Jogging/Training for Marathon
  • Joining a co-ed sports league: basketball, baseball, soccer, etc.
  • Skiing
  • Target practice
  • Rock climbing (on real rocks)
  • Photography
  • Metal detecting
  • Foraging (for wild mushrooms or other edibles)

My son-in-law David is really into foraging, especially mushrooms, and i want to join him in that this spring because I just love the idea of eating off the land as much as possible. Plus apparently some of the mushrooms taste really good! (and, yes, he knows how to tell the difference with the poisonous ones). We bought him a dehydrator for Christmas, too, so he can preserve some of them.

Domestic Hobbies for Couples to do Together

  • Gardening
  • Cooking (cook something gourmet once or twice a week together)
  • Homesteading (where you try to become self-sufficient in some food products)
  • Home improvement/painting

I’m already planning out my garden for the spring! I love growing herbs, and I dried and preserved so many last year, and made a ton of pesto.

Even if you’re in an apartment, you can make a balcony garden! But I love this garden tower for a house, too, because creating raised beds can be a hassle, and this I can put right on my deck and see it as I have my tea in the morning and it just makes me happy. Creating pestos and teas and salsas and hot sauces out of your produce can be another hobby you can do together.

And, seriously, it’s amazing how much you can grow in one of these garden towers!

Garden Tower Project

And planning the garden can be so much fun as well. The yield on these towers can be incredible. Do you want to do herbs? Salad greens so you have fresh greens every night? Tomatoes or peppers? I’m planning on a variety of hot peppers myself!

Sporty Indoor Hobbies for Couples


  • Working out/weightlifting
  • Yoga for couples
  • Aquafit
  • Racquetball/Squash
  • Swimming
  • Bowling
  • Rock climbing (at an indoor club)
  • Ballroom dancing
  • Irish dancing
  • Square Dancing/Line Dancing
  • Zumba classes


Line Dancing: A Fun hobby to do as a couple--with dozens of other suggestions for hobbies for couples to keep your marriage strong!

Keith and I take ballroom dancing classes online, even during COVID! Before the last cruise we took, we learned the chacha really well, along with reviewing the foxtrot and the swing. And it’s just fun to do for 15 minutes a night. Each video is only 3-5 minutes long, and they teach you one thing at a time. We really enjoy it!

And Connor just went rock climbing again this weekend for the first time in, well, forever! The COVID lockdown is over here, and a new rock climbing gym opened in our hometown right before COVID hit. He’s determined to use it enough to keep it open! When Rebecca and he were first married, they loved rock climbing together (and they will again!).

Couple Gifts: Memberships like Rock Climbing

Rebecca and Connor at the rock climbing gym!


Events to Attend Together

  • NASCAR races
  • Sporting events, especially more minor league local ones
  • Plays, dance performances, or comedians
  • Music performances: symphonies, bands, worship groups
  • Special museum or art gallery exhibits
  • Film festivals or film clubs

These may be all closed for the foreseeable future, but when they reopen, consider season’s tickets for something. It gets you deliberate date outings, and it supports something in your community.

Games Hobbies for Couples


  • Chess league
  • Puzzles
  • Board game club (even start your own)!
  • Euchre club (host your own euchre parties)
  • Bridge club
  • Strategy video game (my husband play just one game of Crusader Kings and it lasts for several months!)

We’ve also got a board game cafe in our hometown, which are getting increasingly popular. Go out to play a board game, and you can try new ones and figure out which ones you like!

Educational Hobbies for Couples


  • Touring art galleries and nearby historical sites
  • Learning local history and becoming tour guides
  • Tracing your family tree
  • Planning an educational trip, like a rainforest trip to learn about nature or a European trip to trace some World War II battles. Do research together beforehand.
  • Touring wineries

Income Producing Hobbies as a Couple

Does your marriage need some spicing up–and some fun?

Try these 24 dares–plus one bonus–to take your marriage to the next level!

Things to Start Collecting as a Couple

  • Art by a certain artist
  • Local art
  • Stamps or coins
  • Sea glass/seashells/driftwood
  • Old books, magazines, or comic books
  • Memorabilia from a certain period/cultural trend/historical event

Then attend auctions, visit flea markets, spend time searching online together!

Looking for a way to spend time together? Here’s 79 different hobbies you can do as a couple! 

Classes to Take Together

Places to Volunteer Together

  • At church: in worship, youth, building upkeep, finances, anything
  • At a local arts organization–a local theatre, a local dance troupe, a local symphony, a museum, an art gallery
  • At a youth organization–Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, Big Brothers or Big Sisters, a local school
  • At a nursing home/old age home
  • At a hospital doing visitation
  • At a food bank or other outreach centre
  • At a refugee welcome centre

So there’s my list–what would you add to it?

Remember–Download this list RIGHT NOW to your computer or phone so you have it handy to talk to your spouse about!

Of course, some things feel like they should be on the list, but they’re not technically hobbies. Going out to the local gelato shop, for instance, is awfully fun! So is hanging around a fun local bookstore and having a coffee.

Comprehensive list of hobbies to do as a couple! Because marriage should rock.

Whatever you choose, though, just find something that you can do at least on a weekly basis. When the kids are little, it’s likely easier to try something you can do at home, like taking some online classes together or learning something new or something domestic. Or try something outdoorsy where the kids can come along, like hiking or searching for sea glass. And as they get older, it will be easier for you to find new hobbies to do with your husband, too! It’s a great way to invest in each other, and in a strong marriage!

List of Hobbies for Couples--79 super fun things to choose from to keep your marriage strong!

So let me know–any hobbies you’d add? I’ll keep the list updated!

Sheila Wray Gregoire

Sheila Wray Gregoire

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