Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and i’ve got two ideas for you to spice things up and make it fun!

Just a quick post today to tell you about something special that’s going on in my shop–plus some other fun stuff!

Last spring, I was scheduled to do speak at some pretty big conferences down in Trinidad and in Alberta. Plus I had more events scheduled in the fall.

But then COVID hit, and we’ve all been stuck at home.

Because of that, I have a lot of inventory of some of my books that I was expecting to sell, but haven’t.

So I’ve decided to sell it at cost (or even a little bit under cost) to make more room in my basement!

How would you like autographed copies of The Good Girl’s Guide to Great Sex, and the original 31 Days to Great Sex challenge? The Good Girl’s Guide is everything you want to know about how God made sex to be intimate physically, emotionally, AND spiritually. If you’ve had issues feeling positively about sex, or figuring out how it’s supposed to be intimate, this is the book you need!

And then 31 Days to Great Sex helps you put it into practice. It’s a challenge that you do as couples. Just read 2-4 pages a night, and do what it says! Learn to be more affectionate; flirt more; help the other develop body confidence. Deal with your baggage; figuring out how to make sex feel good; and, of course, spice things up! But the biggest difference couples have told me they’ve experienced is finally being able to talk about sex in an easy, non-awkward way.

GoodGirlsGuide1 - A Valentine's Day Treat
31 DaysCoverHR - A Valentine's Day Treat

You can get them both for $25 USD, including shipping (yes, it’s still $25 USD within Canada; shipping is pretty much the same, I’m sorry to say!) within North America.

I can’t offer this deal outside of North America; if you need them shipped somewhere further away, I’ll have to charge extra for shipping afterwards). 

And you can add on my other books for $8 each (or just add on some extra Good Girl’s Guides, all autographed, for bridal shower gifts in the future!)

(If you want to order a bunch of copies of Good Girl’s Guide for that purpose, just email me and we’ll figure it out!)

Just tell me what you want me to write in the autograph in the notes section at check out!


Untitled design - A Valentine's Day Treat

Plus jump into the Intimately Us 14 Day Valentine Challenge!

Do you remember the awesome, fun, and sexy Intimately Us app I told you about a few months ago?

The app helps you awaken intimacy and passion in your marriage by helping you communicate what you like and don’t like with your spouse, and then playing fun games that let you try new things, draw out foreplay, and find those missing pleasure and excitement pieces in your marriage.

Right now, until February 14, you can take part in a Sextimacy Challenge!

instagram sexy - A Valentine's Day Treat

Intimately Us has organized 14 days of fun challenges designed to draw you closer and ignite more passion in your love life! We want you to use this challenge to give more of your heart by caring deeply about your spouse during this season of love.

To participate, download the Intimately Us app and sync it with your spouse.

Until Valentine’s Day, you and your spouse work together as an intimate team to earn points by completing challenges. The more points you earn, the better your chances are at winning prizes!

15 Points per person for completing an intimacy challenge (max one per day)
50 Points per person for every person that signs up for INtimately Us using your personal code
30 Points per couple for playing a bedroom game: Intimately Us, Battlestrip or Sexy Twister (one time)
20 Points per person for sending your spouse a sexy invite (one time)

Intimately Us Take a Look - A Valentine's Day Treat

As you complete the challenges and earn points, the “Us” page of the app will update to show you the points you’ve accumulated together during the two weeks of the challenge. No special action is necessary to join the challenge. Simply begin earning points now! And you don’t need to purchase premium access to be a part of the challenge.

Intimately Us App Instructions  - A Valentine's Day Treat

Two Tracks–Romantic or Spicy

During the two weeks of the challenge, the daily intimacy challenges will be oriented around a Valentine’s theme. There are two tracks to choose from: romantic or spicy. Like everything in the app, it’s at your pace. You can adjust the types of challenges you’d like to see in Settings by tapping the gear icon. If you want to make up your own challenge, just create a new “Intimacy Challenge Completed” event on the Intimacy Calendar.

It’s super fun! Join Intimately Us now to start earning–and spicing things up! And then you could win a $400 gift basket!

There you go–two awesome treats to buy yourself for Valentine’s Day! And make it something to celebrate with your beloved!

Intimately Us Gift Basket - A Valentine's Day Treat
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Sheila Wray Gregoire

Founder of To Love, Honor and Vacuum

Sheila has been married to Keith for 28 years, and happily married for 25! (It took a while to adjust). She’s also an award-winning author of 8 books, including The Good Girl’s Guide to Great Sex, and a sought-after speaker. With her humorous, no-nonsense approach, Sheila is passionate about changing the evangelical conversation about sex and marriage to line up with kingdom principles. ENTJ, straight 8

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