At To Love, Honor and Vacuum, we’ve had a bit of a baby boom in the last two years.

Joanna (my co-author for the upcoming book The Great Sex Rescue; she did all of our stats on our survey of 20,000 women!) started the ball rolling with her daughter Mariana. In fact, Joanna came to my daughter Katie’s wedding three days before she gave birth!

At that same wedding, Emily, who does my Pinterest and my formatting, was also visibly pregnant. Her daughter Vanessa joined soon after.

Then Rebecca gave me my grandson Alexander (who is almost a year old now!). My bosom friend Tammy, who also handles all my emails and speaking engagements, had her granddaughter in May. Then Emily had her son, and now Joanna has her second daughter.

(and here are the three authors of the upcoming The Great Sex Rescue with Joanna’s two daughters and my precious grandson!)

Currently, for the first time in a long time, no one is pregnant. (that may change soon, of course!)

Needless to say, we have babies on the brain! And everyday I FaceTime or check Instagram for my fill of all of the babies in our extended family! Here are the two other 2020 babies:

And so when Stork Advisor asked to sponsor a post, Tammy jumped at it, because this is so much where we’re at! So thank you, Stork Advisor, for sponsoring this post and supporting this blog.

Stork Advisor is a FREE app to help you connect, inform and support expectant moms

You can create a circle of contacts that you can update on your pregnancy, find daily tips and information about your pregnancy, access information about pregnancy and postnatal care, and so much more. If you’re U.S. based,  you can even see reviews of different birthing hospitals.

When you create an account, you have the option of adding a due date, which will then show you daily tips depending on how far along in pregnancy you are:

And you can access a library of helpful articles on a variety of topics.

The best part of the Stork Advisory app, though, is the ability to fill in loved ones on what’s happening.

You can add contacts to your app, and then send out texts and messages when you want to fill them in on something important, like the ultrasound pictures, how you’re feeling, or absolutely anything! They can comment, too.

I set up a simple “story”, but this can be added to constantly to keep others in the loop. (And when you click on the photos, you can see the whole thing!)

I like the fact that Stork Advisor lets you keep just the people you want in the loop.

As Joanna shared last Friday, she miscarried at 10 weeks, and it was a very dangerous miscarriage as well (she bled out so much she was in some danger).

Many of us deal with miscarriage, or are rightly concerned about the possibility, and so you don’t want to announce to the world too early that you’re expecting.

But at the same time, you do want your close friends and family to know, because even if you did miscarry, they’d be the ones who would be supporting you. So this lets you fill in just those who are close to you, instead of using Instagram or Facebook where the whole world can see.

And then there’s a super quick button on the home page (that stork at the very bottom) which, when you push it, you can send a quick message with one click when you’re actually in labour or when the baby arrives!

It’s a lovely way to keep track of your pregnancy and keep others in the loop, without it being all over social media. And, after all, it’s FREE!



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