Where do you go when you have questions about sex?

Likely you come here! In fact, that’s likely why most of you ended up here in the first place. You saw something on Pinterest about sex, or you Googled some frantic question late at night and hoped against hope that nothing gross would come up.

And here  you are!

I’ve been saying for a long time that the church needs to get much better at talking about sex. 

After all, we shouldn’t be embarrassed to talk about what God wasn’t embarrassed to create.

I know sex is private, but that doesn’t mean it has to be secret. 

We shouldn’t be embarrassed to talk about what God wasn’t embarrassed to create.

(So pssstttt….that means it’s okay to ask questions about sex). 

I answer a lot of questions about sex on this blog and in my podcast–but I want to give YOU a chance to ask more!

I get so many questions that come in, and I can’t answer them all. And I tend to choose the ones to answer based on what I’m talking about that week or month.

So sometimes people have questions that I never seem to get to–even if they’re important. (Sorry about that! I really do try!).

And I don’t just try to answer questions. I also try to put out resources that can help you build a healthy sex life! Resources that can help you and your spouse learn to talk about this important area of your lives, too, so that it can grow into the passionate, intimate experience God intended.

So I want to give you both–resources AND a chance to ask a question!

After 7 very long months, 31 Days to Great Sex is available to buy again!

31DaysZondervan - Sex Questions You Can't Ask Your Pastor is Coming!

I self-published it for years, and it sold really well. But last year I made the decision to sell it to Zondervan so that it could get bigger exposure in bookstores and online platforms, and a new, revamped, and expanded version is coming out on July 14! I changed several of the challenges, and added a more “magazine” feel with lots of articles, tips, and information pieces scattered throughout so that it becomes a wealth of information and encouragement as you build your sex life.

It’s really the cornerstone resource to this blog, and I’m so excited it will be available again. It’s a simple 31-day challenge that you do with your spouse: every night you read 3-4 pages together, and you do what it says! And you’ll learn all the aspects that go into a great sex life, from flirting and affection and talking about your roadblocks to trying new positions and spicing things up!

And I want to give 31 Days to Great Sex to you FREE when you sign up for my webinar, Sex Questions You Can’t Ask Your Pastor.

July 9 (next Thursday) at 9 pm EDT, I’ll be hosting a webinar about 90 minutes long where I’ll try to get through as many questions as I can. When you sign up for that webinar, you can submit a question. I’ll get through a whole bunch, and then I’ll take some live at the webinar, too (you’ll be able to send them anonymously).

I’ll be honest–sometimes I don’t do the super graphic questions on this blog because I do worry about having certain words here or too much technical detail because of how search engines may classify me. And sometimes it’s just awkward to type some of this stuff! But in the webinar, I can be a lot freer. So it will be a ton of fun!

The Q&A period for my Girl Talk event is always the most fun for me. People write in anonymous questions, and I just answer on the spot, without weeding through them first.

Girl Talk questions - Sex Questions You Can't Ask Your Pastor is Coming!

The awesome Q&A box set up at a Girl Talk in Macon, Georgia

So it’s unscripted and real, and I think people get to know me even better!

Answering Sex Questions Girl Talk - Sex Questions You Can't Ask Your Pastor is Coming!

Answering anonymous questions at a Girl Talk in Calgary, Alberta

When you sign up for the webinar, then, you’ll get a chance to ask a question, and a copy of 31 Days to Great Sex sent to you.

But you’ll also get a bunch of other resources!

This webinar costs just $20, and here’s what’s included when you register:

31 Days 3D Small - Sex Questions You Can't Ask Your Pastor is Coming!

The 31 Days to Great Sex book

This newly revamped favorite includes 31 days of challenges to build a sex life that’s alive, fun, and satisfying. Choose the Kindle or paperback version.

(Value $18)

SPICY - Sex Questions You Can't Ask Your Pastor is Coming!

24 Sexy Dares

If you want to spice up your sex life, try these dares. 8 dares for you to initiate, 8 dares for him to initiate, and 8 dares for you to tackle (!!!) together. 

(Value $6.99) 

square - Sex Questions You Can't Ask Your Pastor is Coming!

The 75 most commonly asked sex questions report

After the webinar is over, you’ll get this collection of the 75 most commonly asked questions from the webinar emailed to you.

(Value priceless ;))

I’ll give you my 24 Sexy Dares for free, too. PLUS after the webinar I’ll compile the 75 most common questions I was sent into a report, and I’ll send that to you as well!

So you get the webinar, 31 Days to Great Sex, 24 Sexy Dares, and 75 Sex Questions You Can’t Ask Your Pastor, all for $20. Which is basically what the book costs, so everything else is bonus.

It’s kind of like i’m throwing a celebratory party for the launch of 31 Days to Great Sex, but I’m giving you a bunch of the presents!

I’d love to see so many of you there! And, of course, if you can’t be there in person, you will still get access to the recording afterwards. But if you’re there in person, it’s even more fun.

Here are some of the questions that have already come in:

  • Is it normal for me to require my husband to touch my clitoris all the way to orgasm–not just as foreplay?
  • How does he actually perform oral sex in a way that feels good for me?
  • I need to fantasize in order to get aroused and reach orgasm, but I hate it! How do I stop dissociating?

Will you add your own?

It took me a while to be comfortable talking about sex.

I know it’s awkward.

What got me over the awkwardness?

Recognizing how desperately the Christian community needs an open conversation about sex that doesn’t hurt couples, because a lot of the information we’ve been given is actually quite hurtful. So let’s spread healthy information, even if it means a little bit of awkwardness.

And besides–awkwardness can be awfully funny, too!

Will you join me?


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Sheila Wray Gregoire

Sheila has been married to Keith for 28 years, and happily married for 25! (It took a while to adjust). She’s also an award-winning author of 8 books, including The Good Girl’s Guide to Great Sex, and a sought-after speaker. With her humorous, no-nonsense approach, Sheila is passionate about changing the evangelical conversation about sex and marriage to line up with kingdom principles. ENTJ, straight 8