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But first, here’s the podcast:


Main Segment: Sex After Babies

How do you manage sex, intimacy, and emotional closeness after the baby arrives? Does the postpartum period, with its sleepless nights and physical hurdles, simply not lend itself to feeling close and connected with your spouse?

Joanna and Rebecca tackle this on today’s podcast getting pretty open and honest about their experiences and what they wish they had known ahead of time!

A quick note from Rebecca: talking about this kind of personal stuff on a podcast is incredibly strange. It really makes sense why so many women simply aren’t told what to expect ahead of time because this stuff is tough to talk about! It’s personal, it’s awkward, and it’s hard to know if you’re the only one or not.

So I’m wondering–any of you out there who had women in your life tell you what to expect in a really helpful way? What did they do right? We hear a lot about how we don’t talk about this enough, but I’d love to hear from some women who DO feel like they were prepared!

And if you’re expecting a baby or simply want to hear what else we’ve had to say on the matter of postpartum sex, check out this post and podcast: 

Reader Question: My Husband Won’t Do What It Takes to Get Baby Into Her Own Room

This is a bit of a different one–usually whenever we get questions about cosleeping or room-sharing it’s from husbands who are desperate but scared their wives will be offended! But here’s one from a woman who is seriously at the end of her rope. She wants her sleep back, she wants to be able to have space to have sex again!

I have an almost one year old still camping out in my (our) bedroom every night because her bedroom has yet to be remodeled. It is currently a storage room for my husband’s tools mostly. We have to get a shed for those, plus put flooring in, paint, etc. we had bought this house in foreclosure and her room is the last to be fixed. I have told my husband how her presence in our room hurts my sleep, she is impossible to night wean as she sleeps right next to our bed and has ears like no other child we’ve had. Plus our intimacy has taken a hit.

He acknowledges all this, but doesn’t actually DO anything towards moving her out. I have two other young children, so my free time is limited. He works long hours at a physically demanding job and wants to rest when he gets home. I understand that, and I don’t expect things to happen over night, but we’ve known this needed to be finished since she was conceived–almost two years and zero progress!

Keith and Sheila tackle this one, and it’s a pretty specific situation, but for more general posts on what to do when your spouse wants to cosleep or room-share past the AAP recommended age and you do not check out these:

That’s all for this week–sorry this is a shorter post, but we’ll be back to our normal ones when Sheila is back from vacation! For now, enjoy the podcast and the linked posts here and have a wonderful Thursday.

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