Do you like your body?

Like even a little bit? I sure hope so! But many of us have real problems embracing our bodies, and so for the month of February we’re going to talk about how to love your body. And in today’s podcast, we start that conversation.

First, listen in!

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Main Segment: Can you treat your body like a friend?

Do you see your body as an enemy–something you have to conquer–or as a friend? Do you see your body as something that you cheer on, enjoy being with, and treat well, or something that you have to punish?

The distinction matters! I explore more in this section what we were talking about on Monday–how to treat your body as a friend.

Millennial Marriage: How to like your body even if it’s not perfect

Rebecca joined me for this one to talk about some of her challenges post-partum, and how a positive attitude towards your body, even if it’s not perfect, helps you achieve your goals anyway (and is far more psychologically healthy).

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Reader Question: What if your husband says he isn’t attracted to you anymore?

A few years ago on the blog, one man left a comment that said:

My wife has gained 25 pounds since we were married, and that means that I’m not attracted to her anymore. She is defrauding me by gaining that weight.

It’s hard to fully express how terrible that comment is, but Rebecca and I try!

Now, of course, if your spouse has gained 150 pounds, that is a different story. You do need to get healthy (and we talk about how to approach that in the podcast). But let’s stop telling people that only a certain body type is attractive.

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Reader Question: What if my husband says he doesn’t lust, but I can’t believe him?

Here’s a really important question that just came in from the other perspective–what if you’re married to a guy that truly does only have eyes for you, but you can’t relax about it?

I have that 1 in a million husband that support and love me with all of his heart.

One thing that I always had a problem with was the fear that my husband will lust after every other woman he might find attractive… it drives me literally crazy. I can’t find myself able to relax while we watch a movie or when we are out in town or visiting friends.

He confessed and told me the other day that he used to struggle with lust but he came to a place in his life where he doesn’t do that anymore.

But somehow my blood boils and I have such overwhelming emotions and feelings when we are around other women. I know now that he doesn’t lust and he keeps telling me that even if he find other woman attractive he doesn’t lust after them he doesn’t want them. The last straw was when we went to the beach and all the woman in their bikinis made me so uncomfortable and I believed in my heart that he was checking all the beach babes out… He keeps telling me that it is normal for people to see other beautiful people and I understand that. Why is it so difficult for me accept that and to also be open about it. It is so awkward when a beautiful woman comes up on screen or we pass her on the street, and it is like I want to keep him from looking but I know it is unreasonable.  How do I get to accept it? And stop feeling so sad and miserable?  It has literally put me in really bad depression because I struggle to accept that he can and will notice other woman. I’ve often wonder what happened in my life that makes me feel that way.

I get it. We grow up hearing that all men lust, and that other women are stumbling blocks. But when we believe these things, it can make us see other women as constant competition, as the enemy. It can make us not trust our husbands.

Now, if there’s a reason we shouldn’t trust him, then that does need to be addressed. But assuming he’s all good (as this commenter asks), then how do you get rid of these fears? I answered in the podcast, but I’d love to hear your thoughts, too!

Podcast: How Do You Feel Comfortable in Your Body?

So let me know in the comments–how do you feel comfortable in your body? How do you feel comfortable with your husband? Let’s talk!

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