Maybe all he wants for Christmas…is YOU!

Get him some sexy stocking stuffers you know he’ll love (and that don’t have to cost very much, either!).

After all, it’s the thought that counts–especially if your thoughts go in a certain direction. 🙂 My most pinned post ever was Stocking Stuffers for Your Husband (which I have updated for 2019!) I wrote a companion post for sexy stocking stuffers, but I’ve found a bunch more I wanted to highlight, so I decided to create a new sexy stocking stuffers post for 2019!

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Sexy Coupons for His Stocking

1. 31 Days to Great Sex

What man isn’t going to like getting a copy of 31 Days to Great Sex? Every night you read a short passage–say 2-4 pages–and then you do the challenge! Some are fun. Some inspire great conversation. And some spice things up! At the end of 31 days, you’ll feel much more intimate, sexually responsive, and fulfilled. Get it in paperback or for your ereader.

But how can you give an ebook in a stocking? Well, great news! I’ve got coupons now that you can download and print out to put right in there. There’s a link in the book that takes you right to the coupons, but you can find them here. Here’s a very small version of one of the coupons:

He’ll love it! Get it for Kindle, Nook, .pdf, or paperback.

2. The Ultimate Stocking Stuffer Kit (including marriage coupons!)- $5.97

From the amazing Dating Divas, here are tons of printables you can put in your husband’s stocking, including some fun coupons for something sexy later! (And you also get tame stocking stuffer things you can use for the whole family, as well). Want to get even steamier? Check out their sexy sticky notes!

3. Boost Your Libido – $39

Is his libido higher than yours? Do you wish that you could get “in the mood” more easily? Help is here! I have a super-fun boost your libido online course, with 10 modules focusing on different aspects of libido. And here’s the gift part: You can print out a coupon to put in his stocking telling him that you’re taking the course! Get the coupons here.

Sexy Games for His Stocking

4. Sexy Dares – $6.99

Here it is–24 super spicy dares that will bring in the new year with a bang! (haha). You get 8 dares for you, 8 dares for him to do, and 8 that you can do together. Plus there’s a bonus dare that will surprise you, but that I promise will help you feel more intimate.

You can either print the dares out, or access them online once you purchase. If sex has become blah, here’s a great, marriage friendly way to spice things up without anything gross.


5. Dice Game – Under $3

What’s sexy about dice, you ask? You can play the dice game! Assign a body part to each number, 1-6 (lips, neck, ears, breasts, etc. etc. Get as racy as you want). Then assign an action to each number, 1-6 (lick, suck, stroke, etc.). Then roll the dice, and do what it says! You can also add another dice for the number of minutes (or the number of 30-second intervals, whatever you’d prefer). Here’s how it works in a stocking. In a ziploc bag, put two (or three) dice of different colours. Then write out the Dice Game instructions on an index card and put some lipstick kisses around the card. Stick the card in the bag, and you’re all done!


6. Playing Cards for Strip Poker –  Under $5

Put a deck of cards in a bag, and then write on the outside: How About a Game of Strip Poker? The greatest game where the loser doesn’t really lose.


7. Sock Monkey Kama Sutra – Under $20

Okay, this isn’t actually a game, but it’s fun! I’ve been looking for a “clean” book about sex positions, and this is it. It’s just sock puppets. And it’s seriously funny. It doesn’t really veer too much into the religious stuff behind the Kama Sutra, so you don’t have to worry about that. It’s just some of the most popular positions, with sock monkeys.


Super Flirty Things for His Stocking

8. Warming “Oils of Love” — Kissable, non-Oil Based

These are super fun! 6 different flavours of their warming oils, that warm up the skin when applied. Plus they’re totally edible. And they don’t sting or cause any unpleasant sensations.

Make foreplay more fun!


9. Get Right to the Point–with Condoms! — Under $10

Put some condoms in his stocking (even take them out of the box and sprinkle them around for more effect).

These “Bare Skin” ones provide him with great sensation, while they’re also textured for you!


10. A Sexy Travel Kit–with Everything You Need! — Under $25

Perfectly sized to fit TSA regulations for carry-ons, and enough to fill his stocking, this super fun travel kit comes with small sizes of all kinds of fun and flirty products, including OIL OF LOVE Vanilla Crème kissable, “honey dust” body oil, Sweet Honeysuckle kissable body powder, French vanilla kissable body cream, love liquid lubricant, tea light candle, and a toiletry bag. 

Put in a note with the stocking of a date that you’ve planned an evening getaway, just the two of you!


11. Personal Lubricant–Under $10″

“Slip into pleasure”!

Make sex easy and more fun. And with modern lubricants, there’s not that thick gel feeling anymore. These are water based and very light.


12. Hershey’s Chocolate Sauce– Under $5

Make your bedroom fun delicious! Put a note that says, “I’d like to lick this. Any suggestions?”


13. Hershey’s Kisses, Dark Chocolate – Under $10

Take them out of the bag and sprinkle them throughout the stocking. You can’t go wrong with dark chocolate.


14. “Skor” Chocolate Bar or “Mr. Big” Chocolate Bar

Get him a chocolate bar with a name that could be a double entendre and leave a nice note on it. Something like “You’re going to Skor tonight!”, or “You’re my Mr. Big”. Thanks to a Facebook commenter for that idea!


15. Lips Temporary Tattoos – Under $5

These stick on with water and come off with baby oil. Put them in his stocking with a note: “I’m going to put these on areas of my body that need attention. Then you get to play Seek & Find!”


Sexy Things to Wear for His Stocking

16. The Man The Legend Boxer Shorts – Under $20

Awesome boxers that will tell him that you think he’s sexy!

Some of my favourites for years–these always make me laugh.


I have 24 other awesome boxer shorts ideas for your husband–including lots of sexy ones, Christmas ones, and funny ones. Check them out here!

17. Santa Hat – Under $10

Include a note saying, “I’d love to see you wear this–and nothing else!”


Sexy Scents for Stocking Stuffers

18. Sensual Massage Candle – Under $20

These are awesome! You light them, and then the candle melts. But the “wax” is actually a massage oil that won’t burn your skin. So you can pour it on him, or he could pour it on you, and you can massage it in.


19. Old Spice Soap – Under $13 (2 pack)

Tape a little note to the soap saying, “Let me wash all your troubles away.”


11. Outlaw Soap–“Lust in the Dust” $15.95 (2-pack)

Smells like the desert sage plant (not like kitchen sage!). Just like showering outdoors. Very manly scent–“like high noon in the desert”, and he’ll love the name! And it’s super sudsy if you want to get in there with him…


20. Kenneth Cole Black Cologne – Under $20 (travel size)

Is your man more discriminating? Here’s a classier cologne that smells wonderful. Try the travel size to fit nicely in his stocking!


Sexy Getaway for His Stocking

22. BONUS: Coupon for a Hotel Room

If you want something really special, how about booking a night in a hotel where you can get away? Or, alternatively, ask your parents or a friend to take the kids for a night so you can spend the evening at home together–alone. Put the coupon in an envelope and write on the outside: “So excited to have you for a night all to myself!” And combine it with that intimacy getaway kit, too.

There you have it–20 ideas that will make this holiday really memorable. Give him a gift you BOTH will enjoy, and that will add some flirty play back into your marriage! And I just want to point out that you don’t have to be gross to be sexy. When it’s just the two of you, you can have a ton of fun without indulging in a lot of the weird stuff our culture says is sexy.

Do you have any other great ideas for sexy stocking stuffers? Leave them in the comments!

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