Ever feel like no matter how hard you try, you don’t have your life together?

Whether it’s finances, or homemaking, or cooking, or budgeting, or getting your kids to eat or sleep–whatever it is, you feel as if everyone else is doing a better job than you are.

Sometimes it’s the influence of social media. Sometimes it’s our own insecurities. But whatever the issue, Rebecca and I have a way forward for you that’s relatively painless and that can actually work.

We actually weren’t planning on recording a podcast this week, because we thought the baby would be here and we’d be sharing pictures. But we’re still waiting, so we sat down and shared some things that were on our hearts. Listen in!

Why don’t we ask for help?

We’re still waiting for baby, and Keith and I have been staying in our chilly RV (here’s Keith and Katie, the one night that Katie stayed with us, too) while we wait.

This week Rebecca and I took her dog for a walk, and while we did we got to talking about why it is that we don’t ask for others’ advice enough. 

Because let’s face it: Sometimes other people are just better than us at things. Recently Katie totally redecorated Rebecca’s living room, without really buying anything new, but just moving things around. It looks great! But that’s Katie’s gifting. It’s not Rebecca’s. And rather than feeling like she’s inadequate and stewing about it, Rebecca just asked Katie to help, and she had a blast.

Sometimes others are better than us for any number of reasons:

  • Natural giftings
  • More training (like they grew up in a house where this was second nature)
  • Interest (they’ve already researched and investigated)
  • Experience (they’ve done it more)

Yet sometimes rather than acknowledge that someone is genuinely better than us in an area, we justify ourselves. We figure out all the reasons why they just have it easy, or all the reasons why that could never work for us.

So in today’s podcast, we challenge you to something relatively simple and life-changing:

Can we just be humble enough to ask for help and advice?

Why don’t we help well?

And then, the flipside: are we making ourselves available to help others? Do we appear so perfect on social media that we’re unapproachable? Do we judge those that aren’t as good as us in an area? Do we gossip about people who don’t have it all together?

Again, the answer is simple: humility, rather than pride.

If everyone asks for help, and then gives help, we’d all learn so much, and we’d grow closer, too.

That’s the key to healthy community. We had fun recording this one, and I hope you’ll listen in! 

And let me know: Have you ever asked a friend for help or advice in an area? What happened?