When I give my Girl Talk in churches, I always share this one best sex tip I’m going to give you today.

Because married sex should be great sex! Here's the one best sex tip you'll ever need to make your marriage rock!

Of course, I ease in to it. I don’t say it right off the bat, because people would likely have a heart attack that someone is talking about that in a church! But by the second half of the night people are really relaxed and laughing, and I often am told that they are so grateful I said it.

The Good Girls Guide to Great SexIt’s in The Good Girl’s Guide to Great Sex, too, and I’ve had people thank me for putting it in there!

But while I’ve shared it briefly before in some posts with other sex tips, I don’t think I’ve ever stressed it enough.

So here we go.

Are you ready for the best sex tip I’ve ever shared?

It’s a simple one.

When you’re making love, squeeze your butt.

Seriously. Hear me out.

This is the thing about female anatomy: there aren’t actually that many nerve endings in the vagina. The clitoris, on the other hand, which is that tiny knob just in front of the vaginal opening, has TONS of nerve endings and was designed to make us feel good. But it seems to be in the wrong place, if you know what I mean. So many of us may be feeling great during foreplay, but then as soon as we start intercourse we lose all that momentum, because we’re not getting enough stimulation THERE.

However, there is another spot an inch and a half up the vaginal wall called the “G spot” which also has a lot of nerves. Some researchers believe it’s just an extension of the clitoris, and they’re the same nerve pathways.

But regardless, here’s why squeezing your butt matters.

First, if you do it, you get the muscles engaged and the blood flow starts to go right to the right spot.

Try it right now. (whenever I talk about this in my show I just know what every woman there is squeezing her butt!)

But second, you lift up your hips and so the angle is better for HIM to stimulate the right spot during intercourse.

I’ve had some people say that you just need to put a pillow under your butt during sex to get the right angle, but I disagree. A pillow lifts you, but it doesn’t TILT you. What you need is to be tilted. And a pillow doesn’t engage the muscles.

When you’re super excited, right near climax, your body does this anyway.

Do it earlier, and you’re more likely to reach that excited state.

Now, this works more easily for the missionary position, but it doesn’t mean it CAN’T work for other positions.

The trick is just to get comfortable with that other position first, sort of “settle in”, so to speak, and THEN engage those muscles. And you will tend to find that the excitement builds.

So there you go! It’s a short post today, but it’s a sex tip that may make a huge difference in your life! Just try it–and see what happens. ๐Ÿ™‚

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