Awesome! So glad you’d like to pick up The Whole Story to help guide your daughter through puberty!

Just pick what you’d like!

Option 1: ONE Year Access, ONE Version (Age 10-12), $39 USD

Includes everything you need to teach your daughter about sex, puberty, and boys from an informational standpoint. She’ll understand what sex is, how her body works, why she menstruates (and how to handle it), how to handle other body changes, and how to handle boys.

Option 2: ONE Year Access, TWO Versions (10-12 & 13-15), $69 USD

Includes the younger version, PLUS also includes one-year access to the older version, which goes over the social and emotional changes that take place with puberty, including the deeper meaning behind sex, how to handle relationships, how to handle peer pressure and what to do when friends make bad decisions, and more!

Option 3: LIFETIME Access, TWO Versions, Lots of Extras, $99 USD 

Includes BOTH versions of the course with lifetime access, PLUS teaching on how to tell younger children about sex, how to handle other teenage issues, information from a physician about puberty, access to parenting webinars, and so much more!