Marriage is something to be celebrated–to be cherished–to be EMBRACED!

And so I participated in an awesome Embrace Your Marriage blogging challenge, which included these posts:

Embrace Grace

Could learning to be more giving sexually make a difference in your marriage?

Embrace Change

Will change in your marriage push you apart or bring you together?

Embrace Your Differences

What if it’s less about finding the perfect person and more about becoming the perfect couple?

Embrace Oneness

How does sex, becoming one flesh, actually bring oneness?

Embrace Your Friendship

How do you stay close, even in difficult seasons of marriage? 4 tips!

And Don't Miss the Books That Take Your Marriage Deeper!

The Good Girl’s Guide to Great Sex

What if God made sex to be spiritually, emotionally, AND physically intimate? If you’re not there yet, let’s get you on the journey to great sex!

9 Thoughts That Can Change Your Marriage

Sometimes the typical Christian marriage advice doesn’t work. Here’s how to go deeper–towards how to really make peace and feel like one, not just paste over marriage issues.