To Love, Honor and Vacuum–Audio Download


Do you feel more like a wife and a mother? Listen to a talk inspired by her book, teaching us how we can organize our homes better, focus on what’s truly important, and encourage our kids and our husbands to join us in this exciting ride. 50 minutes.

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Based on my book To Love, Honor and Vacuum, this talk helps you refocus, rejuvenate, and put first things first!

Do you feel exhausted? Taken for granted? Like everybody thinks of you as a maid, rather than a wife or a mother?

You’re not alone!

When Women’s College Hospital in Toronto studied women’s health concerns a few years ago, they found something surprising. Women’s #1 health concern isn’t breast cancer, or even their weight. It’s that we’re all exhausted.

We’re running around, looking after everyone else, and we barely have time for ourselves. In the meantime, we’re not even sure if we’re doing a good job at the things we are rushing around at. Are we being good mothers? Are we stressing the right things? Or are we just stressing ourselves out?

Have you ever felt that?

Today I want to offer you something that I know will help you get on the right track.

Filled with humor and practical advice, you can listen to a 45 minute talk called To Love, Honor and Vacuum which will help you make sure you’re putting first things first–and give you ideas on how to accomplish that!

From a Christian perspective, I tackle:

  • Why we’re so exhausted (the answer may surprise you!)
  • How we can undermine even the best of plans
  • How we can get on the right track

To do that, I’ll teach you how to:

  • Involve kids in housework
  • Figure out your true goals
  • Do housework faster
  • Cut the things out of your life that you don’t really need
  • Prioritize your marriage relationship
  • Find time for yourself!

Don’t miss the one essential test I give you to measure whether or not what you’re doing really fits with your priorities!

Best of all, you can listen at your leisure! You can download it to CD and listen in the car or while you do dishes; you can download it to your iPod or mp3 player; or you can listen right off the computer while you surf the web.

Why so low? Frankly, I don’t want to make a ton of money off of this. I just want to pay for the hosting service. What I really want to do is get it in the hands of women who are tired and feel stretched to the limit, so that they can bless their families in return!

So often we run around after the good things in life: kids’ activities, good jobs, creating a perfect home. But what if, in the process, you’re missing the best? Sometimes we get so bogged down in good things that we
miss the stuff that really feeds our souls and our families.

Don’t spend your life on good things. Find the best.

Download this talk now. You’ll feel better, and you’ll get a laugh or two, too!

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