The Whole Story Group Package–50 Copies


Make talking to kids about sex and puberty not nearly so awkward!

This allows 25 enrollments in either the VIP Girls’ Version of The Whole Story or the VIP Boy’s Version. After purchasing, you’ll receive an email that will give you a unique coupon to hand out to the members of your group so they can access The Whole Story, at 70% off the individual rate. No expiry date on the coupon code!


Our Not-So-Awkward Talks About Sex, Puberty, and Growing Up!

Get access to 50 copies of our video-based online course that moms can take with their daughters, or dads with their sons (there’s also options for opposite sex single parents).

Make sure that the kids know the whole story about sex, puberty, and everything in between.

Our VIP versions come in two age groups: 10-13 and 13-15. The younger version teaches the facts about body changes and sex, while the older version gets more in detail about starting conversations regarding choices that teens will make around peer pressure, dating, sex, and more.

It’s not a replacement for parents; it’s a resource to help you have conversations, continue them, and grow your relationship with your teen.

This group package allows 50 enrollments in the lifetime VIP versions (including both age groups) of either the boy’s or girl’s curriculum. Parents can pick which one they’d like.

When you purchase, your group will be sent a special group code that can be used 10 times, with no expiry date.

This gives you the course at 70% off the individual price.


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