The Emotionally Destructive Marriage

Marriage is supposed to be for better or for worse. But what if the worse is actually destructive?

Leslie Vernick shows in this amazing book that emotionally destructive marriages are real, and they are not what God intends. And then she shows you what to do about them!



Leslie Vernick writes THE book on emotionally destructive marriages. She shows us how to recognize them. She shows us what to do about them.

And most of all, she shows us that God does not value the marriage more than He does the people in it. She shows you that He cares when a marriage is destructive, and that the answer is not to just put up with it.

I’ve referenced this book of Leslie’s so much over the years, because women in abusive marriages need to read it. Not sure if your marriage counts as abusive? Read it. Take the quiz. Pray. And you just may find freedom.