The Comfort Package


GOING THROUGH A ROUGH TIME? Read Sheila’s story, listen to Sheila speak, and be pointed to the God who is always enough.



Life is hard.

Grief comes. We lose those we love. Our dreams are disappointed.

Doesn’t God care?

Sheila knows what it is to grieve. Dealing with rejection as a child and a young adult, and then walking through the death of her son, she had to wrestle with God to answer the question, “Is God Enough?”

In this package, you’ll get two resources that will help you walk through tough times. First, Sheila’s book How Big Is Your Umbrella: Weathering the Storms of Life will walk you through what we yell at God when life is tough–and what God whispers back. And then you can listen to Sheila’s talk Adventures in Letting Go, walking with you through Philippians 3 to see what God has to say to us about the focus of our lives.

If you’re going through a tough time, these resources together will help you process the grief and find hope.

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