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We all need to be able to communicate clearly. But writing is often frustrating to teach. Kids don’t want to do it, and you don’t know how to help them. In this 45 minute talk, I give practical tips for all ages of homeschoolers, providing you with an amazing curriculum you can use all the way through! Also comes with a FREE 4-page handout!

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This 45-minute interactive talk covers pre-school; elementary school; middle school; and high school. I talk about the resources that I use for teaching writing; creative ways you can help your children paint word pictures without too much whining; how to choose meaningful words; how to mark writing; and more! I even have an extended section on high schoolers, detailing how to help them make arguments, how to use speeches, and more!
We cover:
  • Using descriptive phrases
  • Appealing to the senses
  • What to do with a thesaurus
  • What to do when a child hates handwriting
  • How to separate creative writing from the mechanics of writing
  • How to use literature
  • How to teach debating
  • How to use speeches
  • And how to mark writing!
All of this is only $5 in this introductory offer! And it comes with a FREE handout that covers everything I say!


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