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Do you have struggles in your marriage that never get resolved? Do you and your spouse get angry and hurt and don’t understand why you can’t just get along? In this practical workshop Keith and Sheila talk about how to handle conflict and anger. 40 minutes.

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Conflict. Every marriage has it. Few marriages deal with it well.

In this workshop on conflict presented at a marriage conference, Keith and Sheila Gregoire look at the differences in how we handle anger–do we externalize it or internalize it? Do we yell or do we withdraw? And they look at personality differences that can cause us to misunderstand our spouse.

And what about ground rules? In your marriage is yelling okay? What about leaving the house if you’re mad? And how do we talk about our feelings? They’ll take you through a process of identifying what rules you and your spouse should talk about and how to set those before conflict starts.

Then they deal with strategies for getting to the root of the problem and creating a win-win scenario.

Finally, they look at what to do if you reach a stalemate. You’ve handled everything well, but you still can’t agree.

If you and your spouse find yourself arguing, and you can never figure out why you can’t resolve anything, then listen to this together!

39 minutes, recorded at Gateway Alliance Church, Brampton, ON, October 2012.


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