Raising Kids You Actually Like–Ebook


A round-up of Sheila’s best parenting advice!

Tired of whining and yelling in your house? Do you want to just enjoy being at home with your kids? Learn how to build relationships with them so that you do raise kids you like!


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Whining. Yelling. Crying.

No parent wants their days dominated by kids’ lousy moods or rotten behaviors–or their own lousy moods! And yet too often family life doesn’t become a safe haven where you can relax and enjoy each other. It becomes a source of stress where we dread bedtimes, dread morning routines, and dread an unending Saturday, worried that it will be filled with sibling squabbles and tantrums.

Raising Kids You Actually Like will teach you how to have the relationship that you most want with your children by showing you how to discipline, what to discipline for, and perhaps most importantly, what not to discipline for! It will show how interacting with your toddler, preschooler, or elementary aged child is the key to a happy, peaceful home. And it will show you that you whether it’s getting picky eaters to eat without whining or getting through the grocery store without screaming, you can totally do it!

With practical ideas for building relationships, Sheila takes you beyond the typical advice about how to discipline towards a vision of how to build a strong–and fun–family.

Based on the viral parenting posts from the blog To Love, Honor and Vacuum, Raising Kids You Actually Like takes the best of the best and puts it in book form, helping you have that family life you’ve always dreamed of.

107 pages. 

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