“Any Novel” Novel Study Guide


Why buy individual study guides for each novel you read when this study guide can take you through any novel? Can be customized for grades 6-12, with lots of different exercises you can choose from to make every time you go through it new.

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Do you spend a
small fortune on novel study guides for each novel your child reads? Or
does your child read a novel, but you never know if he or she really
gets anything out of them?
Wouldn’t you love an amazing educational bang
out of a really small buck?
Let’s make our money–and our kids’ minds–stretch further
with Sheila Wray Gregoire’s new:
“Any Novel” Novel Study Guide!
truth is you don’t need to purchase expensive guides for each novel!
Your student can learn MORE about how a novel is structured and MORE
about the individual novel by using this generic study.
It teaches how to:
* analyze a novel
* analyze characters
* find the theme
* and chart the plot.


It doesn’t replace specific novel studies–it’s superior!

What Does the Any Novel Novel Study Guide Include?
        • Chapter by Chapter Exercises
        • Vocabulary
        • Theme Sheets
        • Step-by-Step guides to analyzing Themes, Plots and Characters
        • Weekly Projects
        • All to be completed in a four-week cycle! Analyze eight novels a year easily using this study guide!


Click here to see 2 sample pages, featuring 4 out of 6 optional activities for one of the project days!


“But Sheila,” you say. “My child hates to write!”


Never fear. I have a child like that, too. And that’s why my novel study also includes:
        • Optional art projects
        • Maps, charts, and graphs
        • Timelines and diagrams
        • And other activities that use different parts of the brain!
And it really helps students
learn how to analyze a novel!


often, when students use a regular novel study guide (or no novel study
guide at all), they do exercises that relate to that book only.
Because this novel guide is generic, we focus on the four main elements of a novel:
      • Character
      • Plot
      • Theme
      • Setting

Students learn how to analyze all of these things, how they fit together, and the roles each play.

When they finish the novel study, they’ll know more about how a novel
is put together. And they’ll be able to transfer that knowledge to
other books! That’s why this novel study guide doesn’t replace traditional study guides–it’s actually superior!

      • It provides basic writing assignments to train in written communication
      • It provides multiple choices of longer projects to do weekly, including art, charts, hands-on modeling, and more.
      • It can be used as Language Arts curriculum, Composition Curriculum, Grammar Curriculum, and Art Curriculum, all at once!
      • It trains in literary analysis so that older children can prepare for the literary portion of the SAT
The novel study guide also includes:
      • Checklists for writing projects to remind students of good writing skills and grammar rules
      • An in-depth OPTIONAL marking scheme for parents to use to assign their child a grade.
      • A parents- guide, alerting you to special tips to help your children along.
      • Character and Theme charts for your students to fill in.



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