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None of us wants to be grouchy. We want to enjoy being at home, enjoy our spouses, enjoy our kids. So why does our home, which is supposed to be a place of refuge, so often become chaotic and a source of stress? Sheila helps us identify the keys to a joyful home, and gives you the tools to put that into place!  40 minutes.

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We all want smiles and laughter to fill our homes, but too often we find ourselves rushed, harried, and grumpy.


Those aren’t the memories we want our kids to have, but how do we turn it around?


In this talk, Sheila reveals the threats to joy in a family, and the ways that we can affirm our children and bring joy and peace back to our homes.


You’ll learn about the biggest joy stealer, and how technology has paved the way for isolation and criticism rather than smiles and time together.



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