Is It Me? Making Sense of Your Confusing Marriage

I love Natalie Hoffman. She gets emotional abuse. And she gets how hard it can be for Christian women to recognize it, too!

If you’ve wondered, “Is it me?”, you’re not alone. Let Natalie help you make sense of your confusing marriage.



Natalie Hoffman didn’t recognize that her marriage was abusive for years. She kept trying to be better. Nicer. More Christian.

But then one day she realized–this is not my problem. She was driving herself crazy trying to fix something that wasn’t hers to fix.

I really respect Natalie. She has written tons of guest posts for this blog, and she’s so wise. She understands the confusion that so many Christian women feel, and she wants to help them work through what abuse is, and whether their marriage is actually abusive. And then she shows you want to do.

If you’ve been wondering for years, “Is it me?” Natalie helps you work through that question, and fly free.