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Without the basics, our children’s education isn’t going to go very far!  But how do you teach them their math facts? How do you teach them phonics? How do they learn to read in a fun way?  In this audio download, listen as Sheila gives tons of practical ideas on how to make teaching effective–and fun!

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We all want to make sure that our children can read and that they can add, subtract, multiply, and divide. But how do we do this practically?
In this talk, I show how the school system, and modern books, are making learning reading more difficult because they are ignoring phonics. Best of all, I give you the warning signs to watch for in both early readers and math curriculum to make sure you’re not taking your child backwards!
In this practical talk, we’ll learn how to emphasize the phonics and math facts, and how to use games, activities, songs, and more to teach anything from phonics facts to the periodic table to the list of presidents or kings and queens of England!
We cover:
  • How to identify a good phonics curriculum
  • Why the school system is counterproductive when it comes to teaching reading
  • How to choose good early readers
  • How to solidify the math facts–including some neat tricks that you probably don’t know!
  • How to teach them to count by 3’s and 5’s so they really know it!
  • Games you can play together to teach the basics
  • How to teach handwriting
  • How to help memorization
  • And more!
And that’s not all! You also get a FREE 7-page handout with all of this information already written down for you!
It’s a great way to ensure your children are well-equipped for the real world!


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