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Want to have more fun in the bedroom? Dr. Jennifer Degler has a deck of dares for you that will spice things up!

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Do you yearn to spice up your marriage, but you’re not sure how? Have things become boring, but you’re a little embarrassed to suggest new things?

It’s Deck of Dares to the rescue! These 40 ideas make it easy to try new things and have more fun–without taking you places that are gross or rather off-putting.

They’re written by Jennifer Degler, a psychologist who specializes in sexuality–and who wants to help couples have a thriving and fun marriage.

You’ll get a .pdf version of her cards so that you can download them right away, and start using them tonight.

Each card has a scenario that you’re going to act out–or complete–tonight. Maybe you’ll kidnap his iPhone and hold it for ransom–and you set the terms of what he has to do to get it back. Maybe you’ll play Beat the Timer. Maybe you’ll slip something into his briefcase (or lunchbox) that morning to tell him what he’ll be doing tonight.

They’re easy, they don’t cost very much (most scenarios don’t cost anything), and they’re fun! They’ll encourage you to be more active, to spend more time on foreplay, and to discover new things about yourself. You’ll involve all your senses, draw out sex so it’s not just routine, and learn to laugh a lot more.

Have some fun tonight! I dare you.


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