Bridal Shower Game Pack


Host a bridal shower that people will love!

Four awesome games are provided in this pack. Choose 1-2 for your shower to get people laughing and talking!


Nobody wants to host a lame bridal shower.

But what are you supposed to do? How do you fill the time?

In this bridal shower game pack,  you’ll find 4 bridal shower games that you can play to get people talking, laughing, and learning more about the bride & groom–and each other. Even if your guests don’t know each other well, these games will work to break the ice. And they’re all fully customizable, too, so you can add your own personal elements.

Friends at a bridal shower

You’ll get:

1. Match the Movie Quote Game

22 famous love quotes from 22 movies. Who can match the most up right? You had me at hello. As you wish. 🙂

2. Bridal Shower Bingo

When you want people to mingle, here’s a great game that focuses on the bride–and on love!

3. The Bride’s Love Story

How well do you know the couple? Put these 12 things in order in their relationship (fully customizable).

4. Plus instructions on how to make your own crosswords, word searches, and more.

Take the stress out of hosting a bridal shower, and use these games. And you’ll find yourself coming back to them again and again over the years, too!