Boundaries in Marriage

God does not want you to be a doormat.

If you feel as if you’re not able to speak up in your marriage, you need the principles in Boundaries in Marriage!



Ever had someone tell you, “You just need more to grow boundaries!”?

But what does that mean? And how can boundaries help your marriage? And is that even Christian?

In this amazing book, Drs. Cloud and Townsend walk you through what healthy boundaries look like, and show you that it’s not about changing your spouse. It’s about changing how you react. And that can turn a marriage around!

They show biblically that God never intended for us to be pushovers or doormats, and He never intended for us to put up with abusive or sinful behaviour. If you’ve been told that a Christian wife just needs to submit more, Cloud and Townsend show how that’s a misuse of the Scripture, and how what God really wants us to do is to act right.

I highly recommend this book!