Another Reality Check–Ebook Edition


Here it is: all your favourite Reality Check columns in one place!

If you love Sheila’s columns, you’ll love Another Reality Check, a collection of 90 of her favourite columns from the last few years. Here it is in .pdf for your iPad, iPhone, or ereader.
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Here it is: all your favourite Reality Check columns in one place!

If you’ve ever looked around at our culture and wondered, where did common sense go?, then you need a Reality Check!

In this collection Sheila tackles everything from the gender wars to social issues to how to handle camping with children. She talks about passport applications, dealing with lice, and why she’s grateful when her husband wrecks the car.

She’s got Reality Checks on Marriage, Reality Checks on Kids, Reality Checks on the Holidays, Reality Checks on Relationships, and more!

You’ll even find out how many framed pictures of her kids she has in her house. And you’ll find out why she thinks we’re doing higher education all wrong.

With her quirky insights onto everyday things, and her plea for a return to common sense, you’ll find yourself nodding in agreement to Another Reality Check.

It’s also available on Kindle here.
And on Nook here.
And on Kobo here.


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