Get the answers to the questions you’ve been too nervous to ask!

You never dreamed you’d still have questions about sex after being married for this long.


You assumed you’d have it all figured out by now. But since you don’t, you’re not sure where to get the answers.

You’ve thought about asking your friends, but that might make for some reallllllly awkward dinner parties.

You could google it, but what you really want are trusted, experienced answers from someone who won’t look at you like you’ve grown two heads (or won’t think you’re some kind of sicko). 

If you have any sex question left unanswered, you’re in the right place!

I am SO excited to present a webinar called Sex Questions You Can’t Ask Your Pastor on July 9th at 9pm Eastern.

During the 90 minute webinar, I’ll answer your questions on sex and marriage. And I promise – I won’t make it awkward at all. 😉

Submit your questions when you register for the webinar. Or you’ll have a chance to ask a question during the webinar (anonymously, of course!).

I’ve traveled all over North America, giving the “girl talk” on sex and marriage. I’ve answered thousands of questions so I can say with confidence, if you have a question about sex, someone else has the same question, too.

This webinar costs just $20, and here’s what’s included when you register:

The 31 Days to Great Sex book

This newly revamped favorite includes 31 days of challenges to build a sex life that’s alive, fun, and satisfying. Choose the Kindle or paperback version.

(Value $18)

24 Sexy Dares

If you want to spice up your sex life, try these dares. 8 dares for you to initiate, 8 dares for him to initiate, and 8 dares for you to tackle (!!!) together. 

(Value $6.99) 

The 75 most commonly asked sex questions report

After the webinar is over, you’ll get this collection of the 75 most commonly asked questions from the webinar emailed to you.

(Value priceless ;))

When your sex questions have answers, you can build emotional and physical intimacy with your spouse. That means better communication, an improved marriage, and more fun sex!

Get your questions answered and register for the Sex Questions You Can’t Ask Your Pastor webinar on July 9th at 9:00 PM ET here: