Does your marriage need a revival?

I participated in the Revive Your Marriage challenge with a bunch of other marriage bloggers–talking about how we can get our marriages on the right track so we feel intimate. And, of course, since I’m the sex blogger I tended to learn more in that direction.

I hope this series helps YOU to revive your marriage, too!

Revive Your Prayers

What would your marriage be like if you could pray together more? (with hints to make prayer EASY and less awkward)

Revive Your Attitude

Can you decide to put resentment on the back burner?

Revive Your Friendship

Can you really feel like best friends again? I think so!

Revive Your Praise

How do we talk to our husbands? Can we learn to encourage them regularly?

Revive Your Sex Life

Do you feel like a failure in your sex life? Here’s how to get over that!

And Don't Miss the Books That Take Your Marriage Deeper!

The Good Girl’s Guide to Great Sex

What if God made sex to be spiritually, emotionally, AND physically intimate? If you’re not there yet, let’s get you on the journey to great sex!

9 Thoughts That Can Change Your Marriage

Sometimes the typical Christian marriage advice doesn’t work. Here’s how to go deeper–towards how to really make peace and feel like one, not just paste over marriage issues.