How Big is Your Umbrella?

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Have you ever lost something–or someone?

You feel like your world is crashing down. You can’t breathe. And you yell at God:

  • Why is this happening to me?
  • Don’t you want me to be happy?
  • Don’t you love me?

When we’re desperate, we don’t mince words with God. And that’s okay. He knows our pain.

How Big Is Your Umbrella is for everyone in the midst of that pain–whether it’s losing a child, losing a job, losing a marriage, or even losing your dreams or your hopes. This book helps you hash it out with God, and emerge, whole, on the other side.

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In the midst of our grief, as we yell at God, a funny thing happens.

When we’re finally able to be still, we just may hear that still, small voice as God whispers back His grace over us.

  • This life is not all there is!
  • I understand that you are dust.
  • I want to carry you.

And so much more.

Growing out of the pain Sheila felt when she lost her son ten years ago, and drawing from others’ stories of loss, this small, easy-to-read book takes readers through a journey of conversation with God.

While we may dream of the fairy-tale “happily ever after” life, deep inside we know that storms are just around the corner. How will we handle loss when we feel like our lives, and what we hold dear, has been ripped away from us? How Big Is Your Umbrella walks us through this journey, beginning with the accusations we often hurl at God, and finally finding shelter as we listen to His still, small voice, even in the midst of the wind and the rain.

You will find that answers do not always come, but in the end it is not the answers that matter nearly as much as the relationship. And after all, most of us would rather be outside in the rain huddling beside one who loves us and is protecting us, rather than outside in the rain with all the comprehension in the world, but still feeling utterly alone.

God is like that. He is our shelter, not our encyclopedia. And when we hurt, that’s really what we’re looking for.

A perfect gift for those who are struggling, questioning, or crying, How Big is Your Umbrella is an unintimidating entrance into the heart of our storms, and a map for emerging safely and securely on the other side.

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