Sheila2012sweaterlargeHi! I’m Sheila Wray Gregoire, and I:

  • Speak (at women’s events, women’s conferences, church outreaches, marriage conferences)

  • Write (seven books and counting! Focusing mostly on marriage, but I also have one on grief. And I have a Chicken Soup for the Soul type book of my 90 favorite columns)

  • Blog (everyday. Right here).

I love family. I love my family first and foremost, including my three children (one in heaven) and my husband. But I also love family because I believe that God made families as the primary vehicle to show His love. Probably part of this love stems from the fact that growing up, my family wasn’t healthy. My dad left when I was two, and I saw the damage that divorce does, even though my mom was amazing (and still is, as we take missions trips together!) So my passion in this life is to help strengthen families–to equip women to be the best wives and mothers they can be, and especially to cultivate marriages that are rock solid.

I don’t know exactly how I migrated from mostly talking about parenting and marriage to talking about sex, but sometime in the last five years I became the “sex lady”. And so now I blog and write regularly about how to make sex awesome in marriage.

I also love to speak, and if your church is looking for an interesting women’s event, my Girl Talk: Straight Talk on Marriage and Intimacy, is a ton of fun. But I also do general interest women’s retreats, too.

When I’m not working, you can usually find me at home, homeschooling my two daughters. And knitting. Preferably simultaneously!

I send out newsletters once a month focusing on marriage, or parenting, or homeschooling. You can find them all here. And please like me on Facebook and Pinterest!