Ever since 2008, I’ve been writing 5 posts a week, almost nonstop.

I take breaks for Christmas and other holidays (sometimes), but on the whole I’m writing almost everyday!

And I love it. I really do. I have so much on my mind, and so many of your comments inspire new thoughts that I want to share. When I gave up my weekly newspaper column a few years ago it was really difficult, because I loved having that outlet for the things running through my mind. But I had to concentrate more on the blog because the blog was growing.

Well, now my social media is growing.

My engagement on Instagram and Facebook has been amazing lately, and I know that Generation Z women and Millennial women (and men) are far more involved on social media than they are on blogs. They often like consuming “micro-content”, or small bits of content, which isn’t a bad thing. But they won’t necessarily subscribe to a blog.

And I’ve been getting so many new readers and new followers, especially on Instagram, over the last year.

But I’m finding that preparing social media content is way down my priority list. Right now I spend about 30% of my working hours on blog content. Then I have book writing and editing and interviews, and social media is what I do if I have some time at the end of the day.

And often I don’t have any time.

What I’d like to do is create more space for social media, and reach a new audience.

So I’ve decided that I’m going to stop posting on Tuesdays (more or less), and turn Friday’s post into a social media roundup (like “the best of” from the week). Then on Mondays I’ll post from whatever series we’re doing, and Wednesday will either be something from the series as well or just something important I want to talk about. And Thursdays, as always, will be the podcast.

In short:

New Blogging Schedule:

  • Monday: The Monthly Series!
  • Tuesday; Off (Please check out Instagram or Facebook instead!) (although I may still post if the mood strikes and I’m passionate about something
  • Wednesday: My Passion Post (either about the series or something else that’s pressing)
  • Thursday: Podcast
  • Friday: “The Best Of” RoundUp

My team and my family (and many of you) have been encouraging me to do this for a few years now, but I resisted because I always have all of these things that I’d like to write about, and I have an endless list of blog post ideas. 

But I’m going to take a lot of those ideas and create long Facebook or Instagram posts (or Twitter threads) instead. 

I’d just like to be more present where people actually hang out. And with the baby coming any day now, it seemed like a good time to make the change!

Remember that you can subscribe to our weekly round-ups, or even our individual blog posts. 

Get them by email so you don’t miss anything!

Oh, and more exciting news…

So a little birdie (well, really my daughter Katie who does the podcast editing and uploading) has told me that we could easily pass 1,000,000 downloads of the podcast by the end of the year. 

I’ll be talking more about this later, but that’s another reason I’d like more breathing room. My podcasts are listened to by about 4 times as many people who read a blog post. So I’d like to make sure I’m putting enough brain power into planning them!

And if you can start subscribing and downloading past episodes and listening, then that will help us get to 1,000,000 even more quickly!

What should I do when I get to 1,000,000? Any ideas? Any particular guests you’d like to see on the podcast? What should be our celebration podcast? Or any particular giveaways you’d like? Let me know, because I’d love to figure out something awesome!

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Sheila Wray Gregoire

Founder of To Love, Honor and Vacuum

Sheila has been married to Keith for 28 years, and happily married for 25! (It took a while to adjust). She’s also an award-winning author of 8 books, including The Good Girl’s Guide to Great Sex, and a sought-after speaker. With her humorous, no-nonsense approach, Sheila is passionate about changing the evangelical conversation about sex and marriage to line up with kingdom principles. ENTJ, straight 8

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