We often get asked to do a podcast that parents can listen to WITH their teens to talk about some of the issues we often raise. 

People want a good resource and a good way to talk about important stuff with their kids, but sometimes our podcasts just aren’t appropriate for teens.

Well, it’s Rebecca here today, and my mother is just driving back from New Brunswick and her east coast vacation, so Connor and I decided to try to record just such a podcast today. Of course we have The Whole Story course that we both worked on to help start those discussions about sex and puberty with your kids, but if you want something for older kids, I hope this discussion will help! 

This one’s not on YouTube since we’re filling in for my mom while she’s on vacation–and we don’t have the same equipment at our house! So it’s just audio today.

Timeline of the Podcast

0:30 Listen to this episode WITH your teens!
1:30 Rebecca and Connor’s ‘Sex-Ed’ Experiences
8:30 Multiple conversations with more information!
12:45 Toxic ways to talk about Virginity and Soul Ties
21:00 How more information can Help, not Harm
27:00 Teenagers Make Decisions Differently
33:00 Sex isn’t everything, and people will change as they grow
41:30 We want to hear from YOU about this!

Let’s Talk with your Kids about Sex!

Connor and I go into our sex-ed mix-ups and the weird stuff we believed, and then talk about the two big messages that we often hear in evangelicalism that can hurt teens whether they’re having sex or not.

Then we talk about how we plan on talking to our own kids when they’re teenagers about sex (which is hard to imagine right now since our daughter is just arriving in the next few weeks!)

You're telling me WHAT goes WHERE?!

Talking about sex with your kids doesn't always go smoothly. 

That's why we created The Whole Story, our online course that walks parents through the tough conversations and does the hard parts for you!

Things Mentioned in This Podcast:

How to Talk to Your Teens about Sex Podcast

We’d love to know–how are YOU planning on talking to your teen about sex? Or what are you saying now? What do you wish your parents had done? Let’s talk in the comments!

Rebecca Lindenbach

Rebecca Lindenbach

Blog Contributor, Author, and Podcaster

Rebecca Lindenbach is a psychology graduate, Sheila’s daughter and the author of Why I Didn’t Rebel. Working alongside her husband Connor, she develops websites focusing on building Jesus-centered marriages and families. Living the work-from-home dream, they take turns bouncing their new baby boy, and appeasing their curmudgeonly rescue Yorkshire terrier, Winston. ENTJ, 9w8. Check out Why I Didn't Rebel, or follow her on Instagram!

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