We’re taking July off of The Bare Marriage Podcast, so I have some other podcasts to share with you today!

Even though I’m not recording my own (I just need a bit of a rest!), I’ve been doing non-stop interviews on other people’s podcasts since January.

So I thought every Thursday in July I’d share a few of them with you!

1. The New Evangelicals

So many of the podcasts that invite me on are talking about getting back to the essentials of faith and finding Jesus again after being burned by the church. That’s the story of The New Evangelicals podcast and Instagram account.

This was a wide-ranging discussion where I told the story of the blog and the book, as wel as some of our big findings, and Tim and I had a great discussion. He also at one point called Kristin Du Mez (author of Jesus and John Wayne) and Beth Allison Barr (author of The Making of Biblical Womanhood) and me the trinity taking down these lies, and I loved that because Beth and Kristin and I are hoping to do a big webinar in August where we interview each other!

Keith and I listened to this podcast yesterday on a long drive and quite enjoyed it, and I hope you will too.

New Evangelicals - "New Evangelicals" and Podcasts about The Great Sex Rescue!

Or watch on YouTube!

2. Holy Heretics: Rethinking Christian Sex Advice

The Holy Heretics Podcast, put out by the Sophia Society, is all about how to deconstruct your faith without losing it. I really appreciated this discussion as well.

Holy Heretics - "New Evangelicals" and Podcasts about The Great Sex Rescue!

The Great Sex Rescue

Changing the conversation about sex & marriage in the evangelical church.

Great Sex Rescue Cover - "New Evangelicals" and Podcasts about The Great Sex Rescue!

What if you're NOT the problem with your sex life?

What if the things that you've been taught have messed things up--and what if there's a way to escape these messages?

Welcome to the Great Sex Rescue.

3. Gravity Leadership Podcast: Exposing the Lies We Believe about Sex

Gravity Leadership is all about talking about the things affecting the evangelical community today and how they relate to those in leadership, especially in the workplace. They were doing a series on how women are treated, and asked me to join that series.

Gravity Leadership Podcast - "New Evangelicals" and Podcasts about The Great Sex Rescue!

BONUS: Bare Marriage & Feeling Spiritually Homeless

I like to share one of my own podcasts too that you may all have missed. So many people have told us how much this podcast meant to them. It’s from last December, and it was one of our top 10 podcasts from 2020. But I thought some of you may appreciate our conversation, because it fits in with this idea of desperately wanting a new experience of faith where it’s based on everyone being focused on Jesus, rather than on power.

FB Podcast Churchianity vs Christianity - "New Evangelicals" and Podcasts about The Great Sex Rescue!

It seems to be a lot of “new evangelical” type podcasts that keep inviting me on.

That’s wonderful! I love doing them.

I’ve recorded over 120 podcasts I think so far, but I hope that more mainstream ones will start to talk about this stuff, too. We need to change the conversation across the evangelical world, and it should not be controversial to simply say that sex should be intimate, mutual, and pleasurable for both, and that women are not responsible for men’s sin. This is common sense. This is biblical.

The book is selling incredibly well (thank you all! Keep talking about it!) and it’s resonating with people. So I hope that more mainstream podcasts will be open to talking about this soon. There have been some–and I’ll focus on those ones next week! But let’s keep them coming, because this is a conversation we ignore at our peril.

And let me know–do you have a recent podcast you’ve really enjoyed? Which one should I feature next week?

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Sheila Wray Gregoire

Founder of To Love, Honor and Vacuum

Sheila has been married to Keith for 28 years, and happily married for 25! (It took a while to adjust). She’s also an award-winning author of 8 books, including The Good Girl’s Guide to Great Sex, and a sought-after speaker. With her humorous, no-nonsense approach, Sheila is passionate about changing the evangelical conversation about sex and marriage to line up with kingdom principles. ENTJ, straight 8

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