And when I say “we”–I really mean mostly my daughter Katie!

I know this is Memorial Day in the U.S. We had our holiday last week, but I thought since it was a long weekend I’d post something that’s just fun that I’m enjoying, rather than a big thoughtful post.

And we had a TON of fun with this!

As some of you may know, Katie used to have quite an active YouTube channel.

She hasn’t done much with it lately since she was married, but last week she thought of a video she really wanted to make, and she went all out.

She decided to photoshop herself onto a fake cover of a Christian romance novel, because she’s always been obsessed with how good the hair always is.

Except we couldn’t leave it at 1.

She ended up FaceTiming Rebecca and me, and we came up with 5, plus plots and covers and titles.

It really was pretty incredible.

And if you want a look at how our family operates behind the scenes (Keith’s the only one who isn’t in this), take a look! (Rebecca and I join about the 15 minute mark).


She put the final front and back covers on her Instagram stories (but don’t look at them all until you’ve watched the video, because the lead up is great), but I’ll share one with you here:

christian Romance Novel Cover Love Undefined - So We Created Some Fake Christian Romance Novels--Just for Fun!
Christian Romance Cover Back - So We Created Some Fake Christian Romance Novels--Just for Fun!

But you won’t want to miss A Heart Forever Promised, The Debutante’s Dilemma….or some that are so funny I can’t even tell you the titles.

 Seriously, watch it.

As one commenter already said on YouTube, she was happy to see me having some fun after the stress I’ve been under. Another commenter said that the two women that Katie was talking to on FaceTime were really funny, and we should have our own podcast (yep. We do).

So here’s me in the background of this video, just being a mom, helping my daughter reach her dreams.

And if anyone knows anyone on the Bethany House Publishers Marketing division, help Katie reach even higher! #BethanyHouseUseKatie

4d5d2dc667e7acd64221c42a103248a4?s=96&d=mm&r=g - So We Created Some Fake Christian Romance Novels--Just for Fun!

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