This is a story about why we don’t have a podcast up today, but we still do have a dog.

For those of you who have not seen him on the blog yet, meet Winston, the 5 pound yorkshire terrier:

Winston the Yorkie

Winston is a rescue dog, adopted by Becca and Connor when he was 8 three years ago.

He lived in a puppy mill for the first year of his life, in a cage, and then he went to 2-3 other owners where he was neglected by at least one, and likely treated rather badly by another (he reacts particularly badly to certain people, so it seems like he has some bad associations).

When they adopted him, he was a very nervous dog. He barked like anything any time another dog came into view, acting like he was going to tear their head off (it was a fear response). He cried if they ever left him.

When You Have the Flu and You Feel Terrible

It took over a year, but he’s quite happy dog now. He loves sitting in laps and getting belly rubs.

Winston at Beach

He’s actually quite a lovely dog, even though my other daughter Katie and her husband David still call him a rat. But they agree he’s cute.

Rebecca and Connor recently moved near us, and the dog has a backyard where he can explore.

It’s fully fenced and he can’t get out. So for the first time in years he’s able to go off leash outside, which is a BIG DEAL. (They were never able to take him to dog parks because he gets nervous around other dogs and tries to attack them, which isn’t good when you’re so tiny). And the dog LOVES chasing squirrels and scaring robins. Plus he loves sticking his nose into the neighbour’s yard and talking to the dog on the other side of the fence.

Anyway, yesterday I walked over to Rebecca and Connor’s house to record the podcast we were going to put up today. Rebecca and I went for a quick walk with the dog and the baby to talk it all over first, and then we came home and got ready to record. The dog wanted to go outside, so we opened the back door and let him out–

and three seconds later we heard the most terrible yelps. 

Rebecca ran outside to pick him up. It looked like he had fallen down the concrete stairs, but we couldn’t tell exactly what was wrong. But he was obviously in pain, and his lip was bleeding. They thought he had maybe dislocated his knee or his hip.

So we called around and got an appointment at the vet. The dog was breathing funny and acting funny and everyone was very worried. And he’s an older dog who hasn’t been treated well most of his life, so he isn’t in amazing health. They were worried he was going to need surgery, but they didn’t want to have to make that decision, because they didn’t want to put him through pain that likely wouldn’t work (surgeries on small dogs are less successful).

Here’s Rebecca with him right before Connor took him to the vet.

Rebecca with Winston

Connor drove him to the vet, but because of COVID, he had to hand the dog over to the secretary and remain in the car.

An hour later he called. They had fixed his split lip, and given him a cortisol shot, and concluded he’d likely sprained or bruised himself pretty badly, but other than that he’d be okay. He just needed to be in his crate or on a lap for the next few days.

So we were all very relieved, and doggy came home.

So that’s why we don’t have a podcast up today.

COVID makes sad things sadder and puts a shadow on happier things.

Rebecca felt like she had to say goodbye to her puppy and was heartbroken, because if they anything did happen, she wouldn’t be allowed to be there with him.

About 1000 miles away, we had a birth in the To Love, Honor and Vacuum extended family this week, too. One of the women who works with me on the blog became an auntie! (Sorry for being cagey – pictures of the baby aren’t online yet so we don’t want to jump the gun!) There was great rejoicing. But baby’s grandparents had to stay at their apartment, and couldn’t visit in the hospital (they were just glad that at least the new dad was able to be there, because a month ago that seemed like it might be iffy). It’s hard when you can’t visit your new grandbaby in the hospital.

(here’s Keith and me with little Alex in October).

Grandparents with Alex

Joanna’s also due soon, and her parents can’t come up because the U.S./Canada border isn’t open (we’re praying that changes in the next month but… the outlook isn’t good). And while I got to be in the hospital when my grandson was born, Tammy, my blog administrator, is leaving for Nova Scotia soon to be there for her first grandchild’s birth, and she won’t be able to be in the delivery room.

Life is just difficult.

My “adopted” niece is getting married the end of July, and we have absolutely no idea what will happen at that wedding. Will it be a wedding of 10? Of 25? Of 50? We don’t know yet, so it makes it hard to plan.

All of these things do start to take a toll.

But at least today, doggie is limping, but quite happy to sit in laps and seems relaxed.

So we don’t have a podcast for you. If you’re behind on them, though, I do recommend listening to both of these, which go along with our new book The Great Sex Rescue which we just finished (though it won’t be out until next spring):

So how has COVID affected you? Or have you ever had a close call with a pet? Let’s talk in the comments!

oh, and here’s our family with the dog and the baby at Christmas:

Family Christmas 2019