Should we rethink the way that we do church?

We’ve been talking this month about what healthy community is–why we need healthy community; 10 ways to make friends in a new church; our responsibilities when we’re part of a community; and more.

This is actually something that is near and dear to my family’s hearts, as we’ve all been thinking a lot about church, and how we can do church better.

So in this podcast, Rebecca and I shared some of our frustrations, as well as our dreams of what church may look like. Listen in, and then share your thoughts!


Rebecca and I shared a ton of thoughts in our podcast, and I want to point you to some of the articles we mentioned, as well as some others that I’ve written over the years.

The Case Against Sermon-Centric Sundays (about how pastors can act as collaters and curators) https://www.premierchristianity.com/Past-Issues/2019/October-2019/The-case-against-sermon-centric-Sundays

What Happened at Willow Creek? https://julieroys.com/guest-post-what-happened-at-willow-creek/

One of the things I said in the podcast, that I think is important, too, is that we demand that pastors be educated and licensed, but that license is not one that they require to run a church. So there is no way to prevent them from starting a new church if they betray professional ethics. My husband, who is a physician, would have his license to practice medicine revoked if he did a number of things–had a sexual relationship with a patient; leaked patient confidential information; etc. But pastors can’t be prevented from starting a church.

And at the same time, they’re given tremendous power in many churches, and congregants can’t do anything about it.

I gave the example of James MacDonald, and his fall from Harvest Bible Chapel here, but there are many others.

I hope, in the next few decades, that we’ll find a better way to do church that better reflects the body of Christ.

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