I really have nothing nice or uplifting to say about COVID and what we’re going through right now.

I posted this on Facebook yesterday, and it got such a big reaction that I thought it may be worth saying here, too!

I see all of these other bloggers and websites coming out with, "a message of hope during COVID-19". Is it okay if I don…

Posted by To Love, Honor and Vacuum on Thursday, March 26, 2020

God tells us to rejoice with those who rejoice, and weep with those who weep.

There’s a whole book of the Bible that is called Lamentations.

Many of the Psalms are David calling out to God–and I think they’re really more about him yelling.

And so, right now, I think it’s okay to just feel like life is tough. Doesn’t mean that God can’t bring good out of it, or that we won’t learn from it, or that we can’t find joy in small things, or any of those truths. It just means that, yeah, life is tough.

I woke up so many times last night thinking of New York and just praying, “Christ, have mercy. Lord, have mercy. Christ, have mercy.” I pray it doesn’t get worse than it is. I pray for protection on the health care workers. It’s just awful. 

I’m glad that there are people writing inspirational things right now. I’m just not really one of them.

Encouragement isn’t really my gifting. I’m more a prophet yelling in the wilderness. Or in my yellow chair. While I’m self-isolating to my home.

But maybe the best way to be encouraging is not to try to be encouraging. Maybe it’s just to say to all of you, “yeah, this sucks.”

I have so many readers whose weddings have been cancelled, or whose honeymoons have gone up in smoke.

I don’t know what to say to them, except I’m so sorry.

Gina felt that way, too:


I have been specifically praying for those whose wedding plans were dashed by this. My daughter got married last September and even with the best of circumstances it was a crazy time.
I can’t imagine having spent maybe more than a year (and no small amount of cash) planning your special day only to have it ruined by this disaster. My prayers go out to those couples!


Others have their own struggles:

My oldest is a senior in high school, and while it’s not a life/death situation, it’s still really sad that he’s missing out on prom, senior activities and possibly even graduation. 


And people who were supposed to have graduation in May. And looked forward to all of the pomp and circumstance that go with it! That they’ve worked for years for! And daddies that won’t get to be there when their babies are born.


I know a bunch of women who are about to give birth in the next month or two, as well, and it looks like some will not be able to have their husbands in the delivery room. Honestly, I can’t imagine.

And I know that there are many, many facing worse than that, and that we should count our blessings, and all of that is true. But even if others have it worse, I think it’s okay to be sad and disappointed. God doesn’t hate our emotions. He made them. And I believe that if we’re real before God, and we cry out to Him, He will answer in some way.

So I’d like to ask you all something.

Do you have any words of commiseration for those who have seen their wedding plans put on hold, or who don’t know what’s going to happen now? How about leaving a comment or a prayer? You don’t need to say anything brilliant or deep. Let’s just be there for each other!

Because sometimes life is just plain hard. (which is a great reminder that this is not our home).

Hilary said this, which is a good thing to end on:

It reminds me of of Jesus weeping with Mary and Martha after the death of Lazarus. He didn’t just say, “have hope for the future”, or “you don’t know what I have planned for God’s glory.” Jesus DID know the bigger picture but He was with them in their suffering. “Jesus wept.” It’s okay for us to be grieving. It’s allowed, and expected and necessary for us to take our heart ache to God. Not just plaster a smile. So thank you for reminding us. We are allowed to be grieving right now.