I’ve been writing some pretty heavy pieces lately, and I wanted to give you all a bit of an update and a newsier side of the blog.

Those who are signed up for my emails get more of this regularly (and especially those signed up for my prayer letters!), but I thought I’d fill you in on what’s going on.

Last week, Keith and I flew into Vegas and then drove down to Utah for the awesome Get Your Marriage On conference! It’s put on not by a church or organization, but just by a couple in St. George, Utah, who are passionate about helping their community build marriages. And they do that in several ways, including the awesome Ultimate Intimacy app and the Get Your Marriage On app, which I think are wonderful.

On Friday night they hosted an “adult” prom (as in a prom for adults, not an X-rated prom) :), because sometimes grownups have to have fun, too! And they had the coolest ice cream station, where the servers mixed up actual cream and flavouring, and then added liquid nitrogen to flash freeze it. It was delicious!

Adult Prom in Utah

And we got to dance, and, of course, have an awesome photo booth!

On Saturday night I spoke to 450 people about sex in marriage, and had a ton of fun. I really enjoy giving my sex talk. I certainly keep it lighthearted, and we laugh a lot.

Sheila Speaking at Get Your Marriage On


But I also emphasize how sex is about a real connection, and share a story that usually leaves at least 1/3 of the audience in tears.

We make two mistakes with sex: we either treat it too cavalierly, as if it’s only physical, or we treat it so seriously that we’re not able to laugh about it or talk about it anymore. It’s so important to find that balance, where it’s about vulnerability and fun and passion all in one, without anything outweighing the other.

Get Your Marriage On Conference

But two things made this trip especially cool, on a personal level, for Keith and me.

First, for me: I have now been to all 50 states!

I’ve kept track of all the states I’ve visited since I was a child. Because I speak a lot around the country, the only two states I was missing were Nevada and Utah. So guess what? We flew into Nevada, and then took a picture at the welcome centre in Utah! Yay! I hit all 50 before I turned 50!

Sheila Going to 50th State Utah

(True embarrassing fact: I have not visited all Canadian provinces. I am still missing Newfoundland, plus all 3 territories. I am a disgrace to my nation). 

Now for Keith: He saw a super rare bird. Which is a big deal, don’t you know?

On the Sunday after I spoke we went to Zion National Park and hiked, which was gorgeous.

Hiking in Utah

Hiking with Keith in Utah

And we saw three California condors, the largest and rarest bird in North America (my husband is a serious birder). 30 years ago the species existed almost entirely in captivity, and was down to only 25 individuals. But they’ve slowly reintroduced the birds in the wild, and the population is now up over 400, I believe. But they’re still very rare. Keith was thrilled!

California Condor in Utah

We then flew off to British Columbia, where we’re speaking at a FamilyLife Canada conference in Whistler this weekend. We spent the week on Vancouver Island visiting my cousins and her kids, where I taught my 7-year-old niece how to knit (I know she’s my first cousin once removed, but she’s really my niece, and that’s my story, and I’m sticking to it). My grandmother (her great-grandmother) taught me, and I taught her using the same story that Grandma taught me. And I still have things that my grandmother’s mother knit, which I will one day share with my niece. So it’s in our blood!

And then we took the ferry back to the mainland–

Ferry in British Columbia to a Marriage Conference

and now we’re in Whistler, waiting for the conference to begin tonight. It’s been a great trip away, although it’s hard to keep up with the blog in a different time zone.

Do you want to win me coming to speak about sex in your church?

As you may or may not know, I’m in the middle of collecting responses to our Bare Marriage Survey, what I hope will be the largest survey of Christian women’s marital and sexual satisfaction that’s ever been done. It’s quite comprehensive, and we’ve got almost 13,000 responses so far. Some of the data will be released in a book with Baker Books the spring of 2021, called The Great Sex Rescue. But there’s enough here for 6 books at least, and many academic articles!

And we need your help.

If you’re a woman and you’ve ever been married (even if you aren’t now), we need you to take it! Don’t miss being part of something really big. I truly think this survey will be groundbreaking, and people will be referring to it for years to come. So make your voice heard!

But I also want to get the word about the survey, so that it’s not only people on the blog taking it.

That’s why we’ve got a special offer for people who recruit others to take the survey.

If you’d be willing to post about it on Facebook or social media or spread the word to your church, friends, or relatives, you can win some prizes!

  1. First place (the one who recruits the most respondents) wins ME, coming to give my Girl Talk at your church, for FREE! I won’t charge a fee, and I’ll waive half my expenses, too.
  2. Second place wins $100 Amazon gift card.
  3. Another $100 Amazon gift card will be awarded randomly to someone who has recruited 10 or more respondents.

And as we get more responses, I’ll open up even more prizes.

If your church is interested in having me come, this is an easy way to do it! Just get the women in your church to take the survey, and to spread the word using your link! If you’d like your own personalized link, just email Tammy and she’ll get you one.

Sheila Gregoire giving her Girl Talk

So take the survey, and sign up to be a recruiter! Let’s get this survey to 20,000!

That’s what’s going on in my life! Let me know–where should I visit next?