When it comes to sex, are there some things that are best kept to yourself?

So it’s Tuesday, and I still can’t type.

(In fact, this is actually Rebecca writing out the post on Sheila’s behalf again.)

Normally we get our posts scheduled a few days ahead of time. But on the weekend I hosted two big family parties, and that was the focus of my energy last week. And we weren’t expecting for me to not be able to type this week so it’s throwing a wrench in our plans.

In case you missed it, back on Saturday I had an incident with an onion and a kitchen knife that led me to the ER room to get stitches.

Later this week we have posts that will run like normal, but for today we wanted to try something different again. We just loved seeing your answers for Monday’s post–and we’re going to be putting together a collection of responses for the post on Friday so there’s an organized answer from all of you.

If you haven’t read the post yet, check it out here: Should This Wife Have to Be Sexier? I’m Asking YOU!

So today I’m asking for your opinions again. There seemed to be a consensus with yesterday’s question that it was inappropriate for the husband to compare his wife to other women when he was asking her to be sexier. Honesty is not always the best policy! So here’s today’s question:

What things should you never say when talking about sex? What are you and your spouse’s absolute no-gos when it comes to talking about sex?

Some examples may be:

  • You should be sexier like other women (yesterday’s post)
  • I wish your (body part) were bigger/smaller
  • I had a sex dream about your sister/mother/best friend

Then this week’s newsletter on Friday will contain 10 of the best/funniest/most helpful answers from your comments to help make sure we don’t commit any major blunders during these difficult or awkward conversations! Because let’s be honest–a lot of these are learned after it’s too late.

So be sure to get on the email list if you’re not already!

And, as I told you last week, I want to start a weekly challenge on To Love, Honor and Vacuum: Something super easy you can do to help bring you closer.

This week your challenge is going to be very simple:

Your Weekly TLHV Challenge

Ask your spouse, “Have I ever said something while talking about sex that hurt you?” Because many of us may not know what causes our spouse pain when talking about these really personal, intimate things. So be honest, be vulnerable, and be willing to listen!

Now, if this challenge leads to some difficult conversations, you may want to look at these two posts and talk through them for context: 

And please remember, if you find that this is raising issues that you are having a hard time working through on your own, working through 31 Days to Great Sex together can really help you understand each other and get on the same page. And right now it’s only $4.99 in ebook form! 

Feeling sexually disconnected?

Like you've lost your groove?

Like you're on two different planets when it comes to sex in your marriage? 

31 Days to Great Sex can help you talk through what's gone wrong and try some new things to figure out how to make it RIGHT!


So let’s hear it: what’s your best advice of what to steer clear of when talking about sex with your spouse? 

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