Homemaking is hard to do well.

Maybe you’re someone who’s really gifted at it (my youngest daughter falls into that category), but most of us find it a bit challenge.

When the kids were young and I was a genuine stay at home mom, I’d often find that a whole day would go by and I didn’t get a lot done. The house was often chaotic, which made me feel chaotic and out of sorts. It was difficult to relax at night with Keith, knowing that there was laundry on the bed waiting to be folded, or that the kitchen was a mess.

Now, I was a super productive person. I had completed two graduate degrees. I could program databases. I was really organized when it came to WORK. But when it came to home, I just wasn’t.

Things changed for me when the girls were about 4 and 6 and we started to homeschool, and everything got so much worse. We were at home all the time, often with a lot of big projects that made major messes. And I just wasn’t organized with meal planning, or cleaning, or errands. It seemed like we were always “running behind”, even when there were no real deadlines. I was always playing catch-up and rushing.

Katie’s 4th birthday party (she’s the one in the purple). My living room was always chaotic!

That’s when I did two things: I started working to a schedule with housework, AND I sought out help to learn how to do things better. When I got married and had kids, I assumed that I would instinctively know how to clean my house. But I didn’t. There are so many hacks and tricks that I had no idea about! And while I would readily use other people’s systems for writing research papers or organizing work, I never thought to seek out help when it came to laundry routines.

What was really cool was that I didn’t work longer hours. I actually worked fewer! But I worked smarter.

Homemaking is a job–or at least we should treat it that way. We have things to accomplish. We have a limited amount of time to accomplish them in. And what we’re doing is important.

Especially if we have children, homemaking really matters. It sets the tone of the house. When things are organized and running smoothly, then there are fewer things we have to worry about during our couple time. We can just enjoy each other–and enjoy the kids. Yet are we always able to give homemaking the energy it deserves?

Some of you are moms who have outside jobs, and some of you work at home. When there are two of you working outside the home, the tasks of homemaking do need to be shared. But when one of you is home full-time, most of those homemaking tasks should fall to that one person. (Not the childcare tasks–childcare is not a “job”. It’s a relationship. Both parents need to be involved in childcare!). If your husband is working outside the home, then you should be working, too!

The problem is that, when it comes to homemaking, there’s no one making us do anything. It’s easy to feel like you’re working because you go to menu plan, and  you browse Pinterest for recipes, and soon a whole morning is gone. Or it’s easy to say, “I’ll make the bed after I check Facebook”, and Facebook turns into Netflix, which turns into a whole afternoon erased.

Even if you work outside the home, you probably find that this scenario pops up in the evenings or on weekends. You intend to get so much done, but you don’t!

We tend to think the problem is a character issue–“I must be really lazy”.

I guess that may be true. But I knew that wasn’t my problem. I wasn’t a lazy person. I was just really disorganized and I wasn’t gifted at homemaking. I needed some help.

Back then I turned to Flylady, but when the kids hit their teenage years I discovered another resource that I want to share with you today. The Ultimate Homemaking Bundle started. Once a year it launches with all new products at one amazing low price. It’s a collection of 104 products worth $2,294.37, but it sells for just $29.97!

This year the bundle includes: 30 eCourses & Videos, 28 eBooks, 25 printable packs, 16 workbooks, 3 summits & 2 membership sites

The Ultimate Homemaking Bundle

The Bundle only comes around once a year, for five days, and I like to share about it, because I know it can change so many of your lives. I’m not going to do a lot of posts on it this year, because I have other things on my list to write about, but I wanted to make sure you knew about it, because it’s simply an amazing resource, at a great price.

I buy all the bundles that become available, because at this low price, I know I’ll find 2-3 resources that will change everything for me. I don’t have to love them all; but when I go through the ones that pertain to me, I inevitably find new ways of doing things that help me get more organized and feel more on top of things, so that I have the time and energy for the things that really matter. Plus it’s simply really, really fun to read through all of this stuff and take the courses! And it’s a way more productive way to spend a few evenings than watching Netflix.

Think about it this way: When you’re trying to learn something at work, you take a course or go on training days. But when you don’t know how to do something well at home, you often figure that it’s a moral failure.

What if you simply need to take a course or get some tips?

Here are just a few that I’ve been looking at to hone my organization skills:

Homekeeping and Cleaning Kit helps you get organized. It tells you what to do on a daily basis, a weekly basis, and a monthly basis to keep your home clean. It’s super easy and anyone can follow it.

Journey to Clean: “My goal for daily cleaning is to leave my home cleaner than I found it that morning.” A little more in-depth and customizable than the Cleaning Kit, it also helps you figure out what cleaning tasks to do everyday to keep the home clean.

The Swap: The Lazy Genius Guide to Decluttering for Life isn’t a system as much as it is a value transformation. It helps you identify the roadblocks you have to peace in your house, and then looks at the opportunity cost of keeping things.

The Bundle also has resources on how to track habits, plan vacations, have awesome garage sales. The Baking Bootcamp teaches you the science and basics of baking so that you can make any recipe from Pinterest work! Maybe no one ever taught you that you’re not supposed to mix muffins very much. But HOW MUCH is too much? Get your questions answered!

There are even resources on parenting, marriage, working at home, and more.

The one resource that I’ve been using the most is LeanFit 1.0. I’ve been looking for a super clear exercise program that tells me what to do everyday, doesn’t take overly long, but covers all major muscle groups. This book is great–with what weights I should be doing when; how to do them; and what cardio to do in between. I had been searching YouTube for videos everyday, and this just makes it a lot easier!

Seriously, there’s so much, and it’s worth just seeing everything that’s in the bundle.

The Ultimate Homemaking BundleMaybe it’s time for you to treat homemaking like a job, too, and get more organized. Learn some skills. And find joy and mastery instead of chaos!

Check out the Bundle here:

I hope you enjoy it as much as I have!

What makes homemaking hard for you? Or are you one of those “gifted” ones? Let’s talk in the comments!

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