Most of us have goals for the new year–or at least things we’d LIKE to change in the year coming up.

Today I’d like to share with you all kinds of different ideas of things that can help your marriage this year. You just get to choose which one you’ll put in practice (and please don’t choose more than one! Just try one big thing, and see what happens. No pressure to do everything.)

I actually wrote the post in a New Year’s past, but I’m feeling a little under the weather today, so rather than write the first post in our series about healthy habits to develop for your marriage this year, I thought I’d point to an important post I’ve written before. Check it out!

>> 10 Marriage Habits to Cultivate this New Year <<

Again, there are 10 listed–but just choose one!

In the meantime, some other fun rabbit trails you can go on today:

Want some more rabbit trails?

If you’re trying to figure out where you are in your marriage right now, here are two posts that I wrote in conjunction with one another that may help. The first was about trying to figure out the “pattern” of marriage–where you are right now. In that post I talked about the ups and downs of our marriage, and people asked me to elaborate. So I wrote a follow-up post listing the times when we felt close and when we felt distant over our 27 years of marriage. I thought as you all are thinking about your marriage this new year, that may be an interesting thing to read to help put some of your own thoughts in perspective.


What else is coming…

I’m going to write the start of that big series today, and it should launch tomorrow. I’m also recording my first podcast today, which, if we can get all the technical things figured out, will be launching next Thursday. I’ll have several segments, including the longest one where we talk about the blog series that week, and then Millennial Marriage, where Rebecca and I (or Rebecca and Connor, or Rebecca and Joanna) talk about something in the news that relates to marriage and motherhood.

Then I’ll answer a reader question super fast, and then include some awesome comments from Facebook, the blog, Instagram–wherever. Just highlight something cool that’s been happening in the community. I hope you’ll enjoy it, and I’ll put a link as soon as it’s up on iTunes!

Happy New Year, everybody! And I’m so glad you’re here and part of the To Love, Honor and Vacuum community.

PS: If you need a laugh and didn’t see it, you really need to check out the 10 Stock Photo Models I Really Should Apologize To

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