Here they are–the top 10 posts that I wrote last year!

Yesterday I told you about the top 10 posts that were on the blog as a whole, and today I want to look at the top 10 ones that were actually from 2018.

I hope that you’re enjoying your Christmas/New Year’s break (or I hope you did enjoy it if you’re back at work already). We’re having fun as a family, and so for the last few posts of the year I thought I’d fill you in on what was really popular on the blog, in case you missed it. So here you go!


10 Reasons Why Your Wife Doesn’t Want to Have Sex

I have a lot of guys who read the blog, and I get tons of emails from guys, and the most common problem I hear about is, “my wife never wants sex!” So in this post I present 10 of the most common reasons I’ve come across why a woman may say “no”.


Personality Types in Marriage: Are You an Introvert or Extrovert?

My Wednesday series in August was all about the MBTI and marriage. One of the days I focused specifically on extroversion and introversion. What are the differences between introverts and extroverts? How can you tell which one you or your spouse are. How can knowing this help you in your marriage? I’ve got answers to all that and more right here!


How Long Should Sex Last? Definitely More Than Two Minutes!

I see comments from so many people who were never taught this, so I want to say it loud and clear for you. Sex should last longer than 2 minutes! I hear from so many women who can’t figure out why they don’t like sex, but when I ask questions, it turns out that it’s all over super quickly. No wonder! Let’s talk about what you can gain from spending longer between the sheets, and how to delay the big finish. (And remember–women’s sexual pleasure matters, too!)


When Your Husband Says He Wants More Variety in Bed

What do you do when your husband says he wants more sexual variety? Here is a guide to help you figure out how to handle this situation, and give you some healthy ideas for switching things up!


The Most Amazing App to Rev Up Your Sex Life!

Over the years I’ve thought about creating an app to help couples with their sex lives, because so many websites or other products are kind of, well, gross. But now I don’t have to, because The Ultimate Intimacy App is totally the product I would have created–if I had made one.


When Your Husband Isn’t Interested in Sex Anymore

What do you do when it is the husband who has a lower sex drive? It’s a lot more common than most of us would expect. Let’s address some reader questions from wives struggling with low-libido husbands!


Finally Reaching Orgasm Part 2

What’s the next step if you’ve learned everything you can about how to have great sex, but your body isn’t getting with the program? Let’s talk about some of the practical things you can do that can really help! This year a reader sent me a wonderful two part series on how she finally had the big breakthrough after 26 years of marriage. Here’s part 1, and here’s part 2.


I Didn’t Really Care if My Sons-in-Law Were Debt-Free, Tattoo-Free Virgins

This year Lori Alexander’s article “Men Prefer Debt-Free Virgins without Tattoos” went viral. A lot of people did a great job of speaking out against her post (including my daughter), and I wanted to add to the conversation by taking a critical look at how Lori approaches virginity.


Is He Your Type? MBTI, Personality Types, and Marriage!

I find personality differences fascinating! So let’s look at four personality scales in detail to help us understand our spouses, the types of conflict that are likely to come up, and how to overcome them! This one was the first in that MBTI and marriage series.


Do We Understand What Rejection Does to Husbands?

I’m a big proponent of great sex in marriage! I believe that God created us to be intimate physically, spiritually, and emotionally, and they’re all supposed to feed together. But in many marriages the wife has a lower libido than the husband, which can lead to the husband being rejected. In this post, a husband speaks about the impact that rejection has on a man, and on the marriage.

So there they were–the top 10 posts of the year!

Best posts of 2018 from this Christian marriage blog!

Now, there were a few others that I was super proud of, and that were perhaps some of my favourites, that didn’t actually make the list. As I glanced through the titles of the posts this morning, these are the ones that stood out to me:

Why Older Women Often Long for More Adventure in Bed (here’s what happens if we ignore our needs for most of our lives. And it’s not pretty).

Our Submission Series: What Does It Mean to Obey Like Sarah? (Here’s the first in our Wednesdays series on submission. I really liked writing this series, and it got tons of comments, too!).

Is Your Husband a Lone Wildebeest? (I wrote this after we returned from our medical missions trip to Kenya. I had a lot of fun with it!).

Can We Have an Honest Talk about Vibrators? (I get asked about this a lot. Here’s what I’d say).

Do You Have a Legalistic View of Marriage? (I talked about legalism in marriage, in churches, and in parenting in this series. This is really important to understand!)

The Ups and Downs of Marriage: A Timeline (I published a post before this that I’m ALSO proud of about the pattern for marriage, in which I mentioned, in a throwaway line, that all marriages have ups and downs. Someone asked me for a timeline, so I wrote this one about our marriage. It was actually very beneficial to think about. I hope you enjoy it!)

And finally, the post that has been on my mind the most this year is this one:

No More Covering Up for Abusers: A Plea for Churches. With all the scandals in churches this year about sexual abuse, I felt compelled to write, and I did a few times. Here’s the one where I was the most vehement.

Thank you so much for reading To Love, Honor and Vacuum, and being with me this year! You have no idea how much it means to me that people read what I write, and leave comments (I love those!), and interact with me on social media. It’s hard sometimes writing and wondering if anyone will actually read this, so I’m always so excited when the first comment comes in every morning.

Of course, the best way to make sure you don’t miss anything in 2019 is to sign up for my emails. You can either get each post delivered to your inbox, or you can get a weekly Friday email with all the posts, as well as some behind the scenes scoops, or a monthly synopsis of the best ones. It’s your choice. But I’d love to have you there, too.

I’ll be back on Monday with a super funny Top 10. Have a great weekend!

And in the meantime, let me know: Did you have a favourite post this year? Tell me in the comments (it would be a great encouragement!)

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