In my continuing quest to help couples just have fun and CHILL together, I want to tell you about our newest favourite 2-player board game.

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A few years ago I wrote a post on 20 awesome two-player games you can play as a couple, and that post has consistently been one of my top traffic generators. But what’s cool is that I can track my Amazon links from that post and see what people are buying (okay, that sounds mildly creepy. But I don’t see any INDIVIDUAL information, so don’t worry!).

Anyway, one day I took a gander and saw that a ton of people were buying something called Hive. (They followed my links to buy another game, but then bought this, too). I’d never heard of it. But every Christmas I buy new games for the family, so I bought this one for Keith and me, since we were recent empty nesters and I was looking for more two-player games. And it had won so many awards, and was so highly rated, I was intrigued.

We really enjoy it! It’s kind of like chess, except it’s WAY easier to learn, and each game takes maybe 10 minutes. So we often play “best 2 out of 3” or “best 3 out of 5”, and that way it’s likely that each of us will win at least ONE game.

It’s also highly portable, so we sometimes take it down to our local pub for a game night date. We play a game while we’re waiting for the food, and then two games after, which is exactly what we did last week. And I’ll show you pics to explain all about it!

Hive Playing Game - Hive: My New Favourite 2 Player Board Game!

In the basic Hive game, you have 5 types of pieces:

  • Queen Bee, who can move one space;
  • A Bettle, who can move one space, but who can ALSO climb on top of other pieces
  • A Spider, who can move exactly three;
  • A grasshopper, who can jump over any number of pieces in a straight line;
  • And an ant, who can travel around the outside of the hive and go anywhere.

Hive Pieces how they work - Hive: My New Favourite 2 Player Board Game!

The Rules to Hive are quite simple.

  • To win, your opponent’s queen must be fully surrounded (by you or by a combination of your pieces and the opponent’s pieces)
  • The Hive must stay together. You can’t pull out a piece that would separate the Hive into two distinct hives.
  • Each turn, you can either lay a piece or move a piece.
  • You can only lay down a piece so that it’s touching your own colour, not any of your opponent’s pieces

That’s all there is to it!

When we first played it, all we did was try to surround the other person’s queen. Now we’ve realized there’s a balance between trying to surround the queen, and trying to make sure that the other person can’t move well.

I’ll show you from some games we played. We went to the pub, and I was so afraid that Keith was going to win all three games we played, because I knew that you all wouldn’t want to buy a game if your husband always won. 🙂 But it didn’t turn out that way!

1 Hive starting - Hive: My New Favourite 2 Player Board Game!

Getting ready to play the game

1 hive First Moves - Hive: My New Favourite 2 Player Board Game!

Keith puts his Beetle on my queen to stop me from moving the queen

At first it looked like I was doing well, but then Keith started blocking me.

1 Hive blocked - Hive: My New Favourite 2 Player Board Game!

I thought I was all set to move my spider around his queen, but he placed his ant there to block me.

A few moves later, I made a fatal mistake. I joined up the hive, allowing him to move his queen out (he had done this 2 moves before this picture I believe). And now his ants were perfectly positioned to move in for the win!

1 Hive Fatal - Hive: My New Favourite 2 Player Board Game!

Round 1 went to Keith! But Round 2 went to me:

2 Hive Sheila Win - Hive: My New Favourite 2 Player Board Game!

And then Keith won game 3, so he took best 2 out of 3!

4 Keith Won - Hive: My New Favourite 2 Player Board Game!

We really do enjoy playing games together, especially short ones that don’t require a ton of set up or clean up. We’ve been talking about intimacy all month, and I’m a big believer in turning off of screens and having some fun together. Sometimes you need to get away from Netflix!

Every Christmas I buy a new game for us as a family, and now a new couple game as well.

This year I’ll be buying some of the expansions for Hive (you can buy a mosquito, ladybug, and pillbug too!). If you’re looking to start a game collection, I thoroughly recommend Hive (You can get it here!).

And we’ll be giving away a copy of Hive! Just enter the raffle below. We’ll draw a random winner December 6 at midnight (so that we can announce the winner in next Friday’s email). To get extra points to enter, just follow Gen 42 Games on Facebook or Twitter or Instagram.

(Buy Hive on Amazon right here!)

Let me know–what are your favourite games as a couple? Have you ever tried Hive? Let’s talk in the comments!

PIN Hive board game - Hive: My New Favourite 2 Player Board Game!