It’s the beginning of the school year, which means that women’s Bible studies are all set to get started again!

My women’s Bible study was my life saver when I was a young mom. I loved it because they offered babysitting, so I could enjoy being with other women while my kids actually had fun. And there were women of all different ages there, so I found some awesome mentors. It was at my women’s Bible study that I first started teaching, too, and that’s where my first speaking engagements came from!

I highly recommend finding a church with a good women’s Bible study, whether it’s during the day or in the evenings. And if you have to go to a study at a different church–well, that’s okay, too! And MOPS groups are awesome if you have babies and toddlers. I’ve spoken at so many MOPS groups and they’re always a bunch of fun.

So today I thought I’d just list some resources that I have if you want to enjoy a really great–and fun–women’s Bible study this fall!

Here's a unique - and fun - take on the traditional Bible study! Two resources that will really get you and the group thinking on things you don't normally ask!

Women’s Bible Study #1: The Good Girl’s Guide to Great Sex

Bet you didn’t think you could do this as a Bible study! But you can. I’ve created a free 6-week Bible study that you can use with your group, with ice breakers, questions, and more!

It lets you walk through the book and discuss the big issues without having to get too super personal. And I think it’s so important that we talk about important things together, and start dealing with a lot of the lies that we grow up believing about sex. Plus it makes a great seeker study to interest those who may find a full-on Bible study too intimidating. Start with this one this year, and then you can do a more Scripture-focused one later in the year, once everyone is comfortable with the group!

I’m going to be adding video to this study as soon as I’m home from Kenya, so it will have even more resources for it.

Check out The Good Girl’s Guide to Great Sex study here.

(and you can also use the study as an individual journaling exercise, too!)

Women’s Bible Study #2: 9 Thoughts That Can Change Your Marriage

Here’s a video-based study with ice breakers, questions, Scripture to discuss to go along with the lesson, and more!

I’ve designed it to work in either a 6-week period or an 8-week period, so you can customize it based on whatever timetable your group is working with.

It’s a great study that will take you through a lot of important aspects of marriage, including getting our own attitudes right; understanding what submission means (and what it doesn’t mean); how to resolve conflict well; how to understand sex and make it great; and how to stay close as a couple.

It challenges a lot of the pat answers we often hear in church about marriage, and shows how the things that we often think about marriage may actually be holding us back from having a great marriage!

This study is pretty much guaranteed to generate lots of interesting discussion. And it’s a bunch of fun, too!

Check out the different versions right here. 

(and there’s also an individual study that you can do at that link as well!)

MOPS Bible Study: The Intimacy Collective

MOPS is publishing some awesome studies that MOPS small groups can do together, and I authored one for them–completely on sex! It’s called The Intimacy Collective, and you can find it right here. I talk about dealing with sexual shame; understanding how libido works for women; how to experience real intimacy when making love; and more. And it’s a ton of fun. I’ve also written a leader’s guide that goes along with it that helps small group leaders navigate some potential landmines, but also explains how to guide this really important conversation.

It’s guaranteed to be a collective that your MOPS group will love!

Take a look at it here.

I really do believe that small groups are such an important way to meet other people and to study important topics (and think more deeply!). We tend to just hang out with friends, but in a small group setting, we often meet people we wouldn’t necessarily talk with, but from whom we can learn a lot. I know that was my experience, and I hope that you all can benefit from one of these studies, too!

Let me know in the comments: Have you ever benefited from a small group? What made it special?

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