Sometimes I like to tackle a subject more deeply so that I can give a lot more practical help to you all for your marriage!

It’s great writing posts everyday, but lately I’ve been wanting to go more in-depth into certain areas.

I tried doing one subject for a week (like the week we did for higher libido wives), but I decided I didn’t really like that format. First, if you’re not a higher drive wife, then the week has nothing for you. But also, as time goes on I sometimes find more that I want to say, and when it’s five posts in a row, you don’t have time to absorb all the comments and feedback and work them into the posts.

So as Rebecca (my daughter who works with me) and Joanna (another young woman who runs all my emails) and I were brainstorming, we came up with an idea that I hope will work really well.

We’re going to take all the Wednesdays in a month (the Wifey Wednesdays) and dedicate them to one particular topic. 

This month I launched that–we’re talking all about personality differences in marriage, looking at the MBTI and marriage. The MBTI is a personality tool that classifies people based on four scales, and I introduced that topic on Wednesday (and it obviously hit a nerve, because it had incredible traffic!). Over the rest of the month we’ll look at the four different scales: what happens when you’re different on those scales, and what happens when you’re the same (just because you’re the same doesn’t mean that it’s all smooth sailing!).

I find this stuff really fun, and I just wanted to spread it out over a longer time frame.

I’ve got some other topics planned, too. In September we’re going to look at submission, because all kinds of people have been asking me to write more about that, and then in October I’m going to revisit birth control and family planning, because we haven’t looked at that in ages (I know this one can be controversial, but let’s give each other grace, okay? It’s a huge question that people have, and all of us deal with it in one way or the other, so I’m just going to present all the options. I won’t tell you what you SHOULD do; only the pros and cons of everything).

Then we’re going to add some more fun stuff! On the last Wednesday of the month, I’ll also release a podcast that will likely run about 30 or 40 minutes summing up all the posts, and then have my commentary about the comments, the feedback, and some more stuff I wanted to say but didn’t have room for. (The first podcast won’t be up until September, because I’m leaving for Kenya for our missions trip soon, but it will be up then!)

And then, of course, I’ll have extra content for my email subscribers! Those who sign up for my weekly emails will also get some behind-the-scenes looks at what else I’ve been thinking about that topic, and what some of the other members of my team think. In August we’ll be profiling other couples who work for me, and what their personality types are (and how they find the differences and/or the similarities!).

I just want the chance to explore some things at greater depth, and I’m hoping that this will allow me to do it. And I’ve always wanted to add podcasts to the blog, but I’ve never known exactly what would be most helpful. But I think a once a month thing where I sum up the main thrust that month could be a good one!

Of course I’ll still blog about sex, because on the other four days of the week I’ll just post whatever comes to mind (and answer a lot of reader questions!). But I think this new focus will be fun.

If you want to get the most out of this month’s blog series, and the others that are coming, then, make sure you’re signed up to my emails! And do read the post on MBTI and marriage so that you can start thinking about your own personality type (and your spouse’s!).

And be sure to read this post on how a marriage actually changes. I’m happy to write these in-depth posts, but there’s one more step that’s really important if it’s going to impact your marriage. And it’s up to you.

Speaking of what else is coming up, I am heading off to Kenya for the last two weeks of the month.

Rebecca’s coming with me (as are our husbands!), but we’ve got posts all ready to go for when we’re gone, and some other people will be moderating comments. I know it’s silly, but I have so much to say that I hate to turn the blog completely off when I’m gone.

Want to join my fall tours?

And while I’m gone, Tammy, my ministry director, will be finalizing the dates for my fall tour where I’m bringing my Girl Talk event to churches. I’m all over Ontario in September, and then in November we’re grabbing the RV and heading south into the United States, starting near Detroit. Want to get in on that? Just email Tammy for more information.

I think that’s it.

Have any ideas for what you’d like to see for future monthly series?

Leave them in the comments! I’m always looking for ideas! And I hope you like this new format.

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