Today is my daughter Katie’s birthday.

It’s been a big year in our family! Around a year ago now Katie got engaged, and in February she and David were married. They had a rather quick courtship, because when they started dating, they had already been very good friends for years and knew each other so well.

Katie had been living in Ottawa, but she now lives in a small town about 3 hours north of us where David is stationed (he’s a medic in the military). So they’re a little further away to visit now.

She’s still busy building her YouTube channel and getting adjusted to being a wife. They’ve found a great community church where she’s made lots of friends, and she’s enjoying the young women in the mid-week Bible study she’s joined.

I miss her, but she’s doing great!

And I thought today, for her birthday, I’d just share her wedding video for those who may not have seen it when I shared it on Facebook. (And the first voice you’ll hear as you watch it is my husband Keith’s!). The minister who did the ceremony is a chaplain in the military. He and his wife Tammy did their pre-marital counselling. They’ve also been great friends of ours since 2007, and used to be the kids’ youth leaders. And Tammy now works for me, and answers so many of my emails! Steeve (yes, it has 2 “e’s”) is French Canadian, and I love that little aspect to the wedding, too!

And, of course, the shawl I knit is in the thumbnail. 🙂

Happy birthday, Katie!

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