I love blogging and talking with you every day!

And right now I’m getting over jetlag from our amazing trip to Australia. So I’m not in a mental state of mind to say anything particularly brilliant (am I ever? I hope you think so! 🙂 ).

But it is, however, my birthday. So I thought I’d help you get to know me a bit better by sharing some posts where I told personal stories that you may not have seen. I really want to be authentic. I want you all to know me, so that you’ll see that the things I write come out of my own personal experience. I don’t want you to follow me because I’m perfect. I want to simply be someone who points you to God to follow. And today seems like as good a day as any to show you that.

If you want to know more about me, then, here are some funny stories, some sad stories, and some stories that may help you understand more where I’m coming from!

The Quirky Side of Sheila

47 Weird Things About Me on My Birthday (from 2017)

Did you see my birthday post last year? I’ve got all kinds of trivia in there about me that may make you laugh!

Why I Can’t Drive with My Husband (from 2016)

One thing Keith and I have never figured out how to do well is drive together. He gets nervous, I’m terrible with directions, and we’re both so defensive about it. So just to show you that we’re not the perfect couple….

The Day We Should Have Fought…But We Didn’t (from 2016)

IKEA. A narrow stairway. No food. No water. It was bad!

The Pitfalls of Being an ENTJ Blogger (from 2014)

Are you into personality types at all? Myers Briggs fans? My family loves it. And I’m a total ENTJ. So I wrote about the hard parts about being an ENTJ blogger. And then I followed up with some of the best parts of being an ENTJ!

The Contemplative Side of Sheila

My Heart for The Good Girl’s Guide to Great Sex (from 2015)

Why I wrote the book, and why I blog. Oh, and also why I drowned a book in the bathtub before I was married.

Remembering the week we lost my son (from 2009)

I share every summer, on the anniversary of my son’s birthday and death day, about the impact he had on us. Shortly after I started this blog, I had a particularly bad anniversary, and to cope with it I just sat down and typed out everything I remembered about the day we handed him over for surgery. Here’s that reflection.

Why I’m Okay Twenty Years After My Son Died (from 2016)

Seven years later, I wrote this reflection, which really shares my heart. Those of you who have gone through loss may be able to recognize yourself in this, too.

Letter to Me at 17 (from 2015)

What I would say to myself at 17, if I could go back in time. Have you ever thought about this?

All About My Marriage Journey

How God Uses Marriage to Heal Me (from 2015)

This is one of the most beautiful things about marriage that I’m so glad about! I didn’t have the perfect childhood, but God has used Keith to heal a lot of things in my heart.

Why I Decided to Stay Home with My Kids (from 2011)

It all started in a university classroom where I was bluffing my way through a presentation–and I got an A+. I decided in that moment that I couldn’t be in academia. And this led to the decision to be at home. Here’s my story, if you’ve ever wondered.

Why Keith and I Had a Rough Few Years (from 2015)

We spent a few years slowly growing apart. It wasn’t because there was anything wrong; it was just a time issue and a work issue. And we figured out that we had to do something about it!

I hope that helps you get to know me better! Any questions you’ve ever had about me? Leave them in the comments!

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