Hello, faithful readers!

I thought I’d take today and tell you a bit about what’s going on in my life and what I’m going to be doing for the next few months. I’ve published a lot of content lately, but I haven’t told you much about me, and I’ve got all kinds of exciting things I want to share.

Keith and I are heading to Australia for a month!

First, Keith and I are off to Australia at the end of April. We’re going to rent an RV that looks like this:

Campervan - Just a Personal Update--on Australia and More!


Camper Van 2 - Just a Personal Update--on Australia and More!

And then we’re going to drive about 4000 km. On the wrong side of the road (or rather Keith’s going to drive 4000 km. There’s no way I’m driving that thing!)

I’m speaking in Canberra, Toowoomba, Adelaide and Melbourne, and I may do a “meet up” in Sydney, too. I’m not sure yet. But you can get all the details on Facebook here! I’m doing my sex talk three times, and Keith and I are doing a marriage day twice (one venue has booked both). And in between we’re just driving around Australia, meeting up with some friends and some bloggers, but mostly seeing birds.

As any of you who have followed me for any length of time know, my husband is a serious bird watcher. I like the hiking and watching birds too, but I’m not as hardcore. But it’s still a great hobby!

Keith already has a list of new species he wants to see, and he’s mapping out where all the birding hotspots are. The husband of one my readers in Melbourne is a birder, and he’s actually going to take us around. So Keith’s really stoked about that.

If you want to follow along on our trip (and see our birds!), you can follow me on Instagram, or Keith on Instagram (Keith’s instagram feed is really only birds. 🙂 ).

I have no clue what kind of internet access I’ll have, but I’ve already got posts written up to the end of May, so regular programming will ensue. And I’ll try to catch up on comments periodically, but likely my daughter Rebecca will be letting comments through and holding down the fort through a lot of May. I’ll try to post on Facebook a lot and show you what we’re doing, though! And I will pop back here with a few posts showing you our best birds and telling you about our adventures.

I know I have a lot of Australian readers, and I would love to meet you if I’ll be anywhere near you! So do check out the events.

How I book my tours

Also, it may interest you that we booked my Australian tours based on people who were signed up to my emails. We had one request for Australia, so Tammy (my ministry director) and I thought it would be fun to see if we could make a tour out of it. So we emailed everyone in Australia that was on my email list, and lo and behold. We’ve got a tour!

And people on the email list will also be alerted when I’m coming anywhere near them.

So if you’re not signed up already, why not join my list? You’ll get notified if I’m ever speaking within 100 miles of you (and you’ll get a chance to get in on any tour). Plus you’ll get more personal updates from me on Fridays, you’ll get roundups of the best of the blog, you’ll get access to my free resource library, and more! Sign up here.

A prayer request

Could you pray for Tammy and her husband? Tammy doesn’t just work for me; she’s also one of my best friends. She and her husband did Katie and David’s pre-marital counselling, and her husband officiated at their wedding.

Tammy’s husband started chemo yesterday for cancer. It’s been a long haul for them, and they’ve got a tiring few months ahead of them. I’m believing that he’ll come out of this okay, but we’re all a little preoccupied over on this side of the blog.

At one point they were going to join us on our trip to Australia, but obviously that’s not happening now. So just pray for them if you think of it.

I have someone else close to me going through chemo right now, too, but she’s not as used to having her life out on the web as Tammy is, so I won’t identify her. But she is close to me. So just a lot of cancer concerns right now.

I’ve just hired a bunch more people…

I’ve honestly just been super tired trying to keep everything together on this end of things. So I now have six people working for me, most on a part-time basis. All work from home, and most are young wives and new moms, so it’s working out well for them. I’m hoping that with them doing a lot of extra stuff I’ll be able to focus on the creative side–writing posts and creating more courses. I have a whole list of courses I’d like to do–one on how to actually get to be orgasmic (I’d do it tastefully 🙂 ); one for engaged women preparing for marriage; one on dealing with vaginismus; and so much more! I have all these ideas and no time.

It will take a bit of time to train everybody, and they’re all doing background things so I don’t think you’d notice much difference on your end. But I hope I’ll be able to create more things this year. It’s also a big leap of faith, though, because my expenses just skyrocketed. I’m really honoured to be able to help so many young families earn a living, but it is a little intimidating right now. 🙂

All that’s to say–thanks for being so patient with me last week when I was selling the Homemaking Bundle! And thanks to all who bought it. It really is a great collection of resources, and your sales helped me to meet payroll this month. And I really do need the help. I was getting seriously burned out on my own.

I know I could just write less frequently, but I have so much I want to say. Seriously, I’ve got posts planned well into July now based on all the reader questions I get. So that’s my problem. So much to say…so little time.

I’m speaking this weekend…

Rebecca and I are speaking at the Ontario Marriage and Family Day put on by FamilyLife Canada this weekend. We’re giving separate sessions, but I’ll get to spend a weekend with my oldest daughter, which is lovely!

I’m giving a talk on what the church often gets wrong with how it talks about sex, and I’m going to address the two big paradigms that I believe do the most damage: The “every man’s battle” idea where all men lust and can’t stop; and the purity culture, where we can make women ashamed of sex. I’ll then talk about how the way we talk about sex to teens and young people can make women’s libidos plummet, and make sex seem distasteful (and what we can do about that). And I’ll talk about how the church still hasn’t found a way to address two of the biggest problems I see in marriage now: men’s libidos tanking, and the sexless marriage phenomenon. It should be pretty intense, and I hope the recording will be available soon!

Okay, that’s enough about me. I just wanted to let you know what’s going on behind the scenes.

Any thoughts? Any things you’d like to see? Or any best wishes for Tammy? Leave them in the comments!

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