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Over the years I’ve thought about creating an app to help couples with their sex lives, because so many websites or other products are kind of, well, gross.

But now I don’t have to, because The Ultimate Intimacy App is totally the product I would have created–if I had made one. And I’m not even exaggerating. It provides games to help couples have amazing foreplay, ideas for new things to try, and tons of information on technique, all without using offensive language or graphic pictures. And the focus is totally on married couples, so it really is perfect!

Since this is Valentine’s week, I wanted to focus all week on how to improve our sex lives, and I’ve got some great posts coming! But for today, to start off the week and to get your Valentine’s Day going in the right direction, let’s start with The Ultimate Intimacy App!

It’s available in a free version, but I upgraded for $6.99, which gives access to all of the options. And I’ll be talking about the paid version here. (You start with the free version and then there’s an in-app purchase option to upgrade).

Ultimate Intimacy App for Married Couples: Spice Up Your Sex Life!

The app has so much, so let’s just take it step by step through all it offers!

Ultimate Intimacy App Closeup: The Couples Game

Here’s where the fun really starts! The couples game has activities which the app instructs you to do, organized around 4 categories:

  • Romance
  • Foreplay
  • Heavy Foreplay (available in paid version only)
  • Hot & Heavy (intercourse; available in paid version only)

The Ultimate Intimacy App Game: Spice up Sex in Marriage!

You enter your names, so that the app addresses you when giving specific instructions. It alternates between something he does and something she does. And each activity runs for 2 minutes (default setting), although you can make them go from 1-5 minutes. When the two minutes is up, you move on to the next thing! The app has a ton of activities in each category, and each time you play you get different ones. (You can even set it to speak the activities out loud, so you don’t have to keep checking the phone.)

It really does start off nicely, with just encouraging you to cuddle, talk, and get close (the big number is 120 seconds counting down):

Ultimate Intimacy App for the Bedroom: Romance Game

and then does get progressively “hot”, including lots of different positions or things to do. We start with gradual foreplay:

Ultimate Intimacy App Foreplay

And then we get progressively hotter.

Great Sex in Marriage! Use the Ultimate Intimacy App Game

(I won’t show a screen shot of the “Hot & Heavy” category just because I don’t want this to get too X-rated).

It DOESN’T do anything like telling you to role play, humiliate each other, degrade each other, or use sex toys on each other. It really is just about exploring each other’s bodies and trying out new positions, angles, or things in different combinations. It’s the first and only clean, Christian-friendly (and not lame!) bedroom game app out there.

So I can endorse this one 100%!

The activities are fully customizable, too.

Is there something you’re not comfortable with?

You can turn off the option for oral sex, or, if there are suggestions for foreplay that you’re not interested in, you can also reject them.

Have things you really do like?

Give them a thumbs up to see them more often–or even enter your own activities! You can truly make this your own.

Ultimate Intimacy App Closeup: Resources

Next up is the resources section! (there’s a ton here; I can’t show it all in one screenshot).

Ultimate Intimacy App: Help married couples learn more about sex and get more comfortable with it!

Don’t totally understand the female or male anatomy? Need some help with technique, either with intercourse, orgasm, or oral sex? What about with how to touch each other or with foreplay? They have tons of explanations of what tends to work best, using anatomically correct terms, medical drawings (when appropriate), and easy-to-understand language. Nothing’s gross.

And they also have resources to help you feel closer, too, including tons of different romantic date night ideas, ways to initiate, ways to show love, and more!

Not just that, but they’ve got sexy coupons you can send each other (these are about to be launched), and even a sexy bucket list that you can create together (we’re actually doing this! If that’s not TMI). And they even have some “romantic escapes” where they play the sounds of a beach, a mountain brook, a rainforest–and more.

Not to mention the 68 sexy dares that are super fun.

Ultimate Intimacy App: Resources and Sexy Bucket List

The Resources section is a smorgasbord of super fun things.

Ultimate Intimacy App Closeup: Conversation Starters

Intimacy isn’t all about sex! It’s also about feeling closer. And the app has a ton of conversation starters in 5 different categories: Romance, Intimacy, Family, Finances, and Miscellaneous. And new questions are added all the time.

Ultimate Intimacy App: Conversation Starters to help couples feel close!

Ultimate Intimacy App Closeup: The Positions Library

This is one of the most fun parts of the app! Over 200 sex positions in different categories:

    • Wife on Top
    • Husband on Top
    • Rear Entry
    • Side by Side
    • Seated
    • Standing
    • Kneeling
    • (Then there are two for oral sex as well, but I just don’t want to type out those words because I’ll get caught in filters.)

Ultimate Intimacy App for Married Couples: Different Sex Positions

They’re all tastefully drawn, and when you pick one, it gives instructions on how to make it work great!

You can mark your favourites (I am NOT showing you which ones I marked!). Then when you want to pick a new position, you have four options:

  1. Randomize and let the app pick
  2. Browse your favourites
  3. Browse a particular category
  4. Do an advanced search

With the advanced search, you can specify aspects you’d like, such as maximum clitoral stimulation, a great view, or help with special issues, such as pregnancy, sex when you’re plus sized, or help for well-endowed or less well-endowed men. (Seriously, I get a lot of questions for help with this, and here’s some great advice on positions that work!). And just so you know, the “props” section is not about whips or anything weird. It’s just about whether you need a chair or a table or something that makes a particular position possible or easier.

Ultimate Intimacy App: Great Sex Positions! Choose your categories for great sex in marriage.

I seriously can’t say enough good things about this app. It truly is everything that I would have put into an app that I were creating, and it looks like they’re planning on adding so much more in the months to come (like sexy coupons to send to your spouse!).

Writing about sex can be difficult because sex is so much more than the physical side, but the physical side is incredibly important. That’s one of the things that I’ve found the Ultimate Intimacy App does really well–it emphasizes connection between husbands and wives. It’s more than “just sex”, it’s intimacy–being emotionally, spiritually, and physically close–that awakens those deep feelings of attachment and love for each other.

So I heartily endorse this if you want to explore each other more and just have more fun. It’s great for Valentine’s Day. And seriously, it’s only $7 right now. That’s awfully inexpensive for something that he will love!

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