I’m about to make 4 dozen banana chocolate chip muffins, pick up dry cleaning, and make sure I have Kleenex packed.

My house is bustling with so many overnight guests, I don’t know if I have enough hairspray, and I’m still praying I fit into my dress.

Because tomorrow my youngest daughter is getting married.

Wedding Pew - Tomorrow My Baby Gets Married

I’m a bundle of emotions. This feels very different from when Rebecca got married, because when Rebecca married I still had Katie. She wasn’t living at home anymore, but she wasn’t settled, either. So there were still things to worry about and some mothering to do.

I still talk to Rebecca constantly (she works with me so we’re always FaceTiming), and I know I’m not going to lose Katie. But somehow it feels like mothering is now done, even more so than when they moved out of the house. While they’ll still come to me for advice, they’re settled. I can look forward in both of their lives for the next few decades in a way that you don’t when they’re not married.

So that’s a lot to get used to!

She has a great head on her shoulders, I know she loves Jesus, and David really, really loves her. So I’m comfortable that they’ll have a good marriage. But it’s still a lot to take in.

I’m just praying we have a few minutes alone in this very busy household sometime today before the big day tomorrow!

In honour of her wedding, I thought I’d share a few of her videos so that you could get to know her better. These are just some of my favourites; I know she’d appreciate if you shared any that you like!

Here’s one she did soon after she started her channel five years ago on why she’s not dating in high school!

Here she’s talking about the two things you need in a guy:

This one went totally viral on Facebook:

Here’s one on how she feels like we’re too flippant about God and our faith:

And finally, here’s where she announces her engagement!

Pray for grace for us today if you have a chance. It’s busy around here, and I’d like to catch some quiet moments to talk with my daughter before the big day.

But we’re happy, everything seems to be in place, and even though I didn’t get much sleep last night I think I’m going to be okay through it all.

By the way, just a word about yesterday’s post on Billy Graham. I see that there are a ton of comments–to be honest, I haven’t read through them all because I’m just too busy! I’ve been very sidetracked this week, and likely it wasn’t the best judgment to post that yesterday, so soon after he died. It was just something I was thinking about because it was in the news, and I wanted to talk about what was on my mind.

Keith and I were talking about it in the car yesterday, too, and I honestly don’t have a good answer any of it. My question really isn’t about Billy Graham, though, and I hope I made that clear. It’s not about whether or not he made a mistake; that’s not what’s bugging me. What’s bugging me is the question about GOD, and Billy Graham is a great example of it. Does God ever call us to a ministry or a job which would take us so much away from our kids that we basically don’t know them?

I’m not talking about a life in the military, where you may be deployed for several months but you’re home the other time. You can deal with that. I’m not talking about someone with a busy job, like my husband, who got called in to the hospital a lot when the kids were young. I’m talking about someone with a ministry or a job which would cause them to not be there to form a relationship with their kids. Does God call us to that ever?

I really don’t know. I’d like to say absolutely not, but examples like Billy Graham give me pause. I’m sorry if I shared it too soon; I’m just not quite done wrestling with that question yet, and to me, it really does matter!

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